Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Scenes from Surburbia

Spotted: Two lovely ladies stolling through an open air mall laughing, bonding, ohhing and ahaing over everything in Anthropologie and mostly window shopping. All of this strenous wish listing makes these two lovely ladies extremely thristy. They decide to grab a glass of wine(rose for one and red for the other)at a nice quiet restaurant. Not wanting to drink on an empty stomach they order spinach and artichoke dip(because the calories don't count when sharing with friends). They drink, snack and solve all the world's problems. They give a hug and a kiss and head their separate ways.
Spotted: One of the dynamic duo must stop at Wal-Mart(please don't judge,it's convenient and yes a little part of my soul dies every time I go in there) to pick up something to feed her brood for dinner. After purchasing everything needed to make a healthy dinner for her kids she heads toward the exit. She sees a mother heading out with a cute baby in her cart. The mother tending to her baby is moving...not quickly. Not wanting to be rude and rush past them our lovely lady decides to exit through another door. She maneuvers toward the other door only to realize right before she runs her cart into it that it is in fact... a window! Which would have been okay if the man behind her didn't yell out"Damn girl! You been drinking or something?" She lowers her head in shame and hurries away. Moral of the story: Shopping at Wal-Mart not only kills your soul but it does nothing for a buzz.

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