Saturday, December 31, 2011

12 for 2012

Happy New Year!!!Expect to see more of !these in the new year
The Mayans have predicted the end of the world(as we know it, and I feel fiiiine!) and if this is indeed my last year on the planet I intend to make it a damn good one!

And, yes, it is absolutely cliche to post my list of resolutions but I'm ok with that. 

So 2012, meet me  at camera 3...

1. Operation Baby(aka...let's get it on!) We've been trying(sorta) to get pregnant for a bit. We haven't officially been told that we're fertility challenged but there are a few issues that are making it difficult for us to make a baby. This is the year we deal with those issues and get this baby thing happening. Seriously, we're not getting any younger!

2. Transition into working from home and officially launching my business. These last few months I've been putting lots and lots of effort into planning and developing my business. This is the year that I make it happen.

3. Workout at least three days a week. I can't believe I'm going to say this out loud for all of the interwebz to read, but I feel better/stronger/more relaxed when I workout! I usually go balls to the wall for a few months and then burn out. Must remember...moderation

4.Menu plan and eat better- I used to be really good at this but,um,I got lazy

5.Garden. We've been talking about planting a garden for years. I'm tired of paying through the nose for heirloom tomatoes dammit! This year I will have my own veggies and herbs!

6. Enjoy our city. Cincinnati is not New York or Chicago but I think it's so easy to get in the routine of never doing anything or constantly doing the same thing ( of 2) So no more hangin in the burbs and watching NCIS marathons, it's time to explore the city!
7. Entertain more. Last year I was determined to bring back the old fashioned cocktail hour. So, it didn't happen. But this year, my friends, plenty of cocktail hours, game nights and movie nights to come!

8.Conquer my fear of baking. I'm kind of scatterbrained when it comes to baking. It's a little too exact for me and I've had a few baking disasters(can we please never mention the birthday cake disaster of 2009!?) that have scarred me! This year I will bake a souffle and bread among other things.

9. Invest in a fancy new camera ASAP. I think one of the many reasons I've been slacking on posting is because my current is such a pain to use. While I'm not exactly sure that taking pictures of myself warrants a several hundred dollar camera, I also plan on using it for my business. Over the past few weeks I've been really thinking long and hard about the direction I want to take this blog in(if I still have any readers left) and upping my photo game is an important piece of the equation.

10. Tackle some redecorating. I've been cheating on style blogs with design blogs! My personal style has evolved int the last few years and so has design aesthetic. It's time to give the house a little makeover. And yes honey, that includes a tile backsplash in the kitchen;)  

11. Put myself out there more. Meeting people and taking some chances will be extremely important in terms of building my business

12. Nurture personal  relationships. In other words, be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend.

  And with that 2012, bring it!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

blame it on the goose

details:dress-tj maxx/tights&belt-target/booties-baker's

Thanksgiving weekend I got to hang out with my three favorite girls! We've been friends since the 5th grade. In that 20+years we've seen each other through painful teenage love affairs, marriages, babies, divorces, horrible bosses, illness and everything in between! 
C lives in Memphis, B has a little one, N has full life that includes a teenager and a demanding job and I moved to the burbs! Meet ups are few and far between(we need to work on that girls!!) but when we get out! There will be laughter, good food, lots of cocktails and one or two(hundred) inappropriate jokes;) 

I wore this mullet dress because after eating my body weight in turkey and sweet potato pie I couldn't stomach(no pun intended!) the idea of squeezing myself into a pair of jeans..oy! Love the dress, hate my slouching:( 

Better view of the dress and I look like I enjoyed that free White Russian a wee bit too much, no?

Friday, November 18, 2011


A few weeks ago I received an invitation to "Cocktails at Tiffany's". I was over the moon. I'm not sure how I got on the list but I couldn't wait to go!!

Disney may call itself the happiest place on earth but they've got nothin' on Tiffany's!!

Omygosh...the sparkle!!! I may have briefly considered selling a kidney to buy something(kidding-mostly!)

Never thought I'd see a dj spinning in Tiffany's!

Yummy food

and of course the Tiffany Martini;)

Some beautiful and stylish cincy bloggers

Becki(of folk&feather), Tamia(of the style sample) and Betsey(of folk&feather)

The lovely coffee table book that was gifted to us!


pink martini

details:skirt-f21/cardi&denim shirt-target
I'm kind of in love with pink all of a sudden or maybe not all of a sudden, but it's working it's way back into my heart! You know what else I've suddenly fallen for in a big way...glitter nails. Yes sir, all things pink and glittery-aaaaannnnd just like that I'm a 10 year old! 

It's been a busy and exciting week! I have the weekend off(yay!).
There is a list a mile long of things I need to do{ laundry, figure out Thanksgiving dinner, go the grocery store and clean out my closet.}
The things I'll actually do:sleep, sleep, catch up on blog reading,sleep,read a stack of glossies, convince the hubby to take me to brunch, and sleep
Have a lovely weekend my friends!! 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

time warp

details:pants-tjmaxx/blouse,cardigan &giant flower-anthro/boots-target

Happy Thursday in an outfit brought to you by Tuesday!!
I thought I'd have time to post these on Tuesday but best laid plans....

The morning started off well-woke up, had coffee with my man, went to vote, took these pics-and I got a call saying I didn't need to go into to work until late afternoon...sweeet! I was all set to dive into my stack of seriously neglected periodicals, and my son walks in the door with a blood covered towel on his face!!Yeah, that's never a good sign.
  He had a bike accident and apparently broke his fall with his face! There was kind of a big, gaping hole in his chin. Thankfully, he was wearing a helmet!
I thought that was the worst of it until we got to the ER and I found out it he'd broken his arm:( My poor baby!
All is (mostly) well. We go to the orthopedist tomorrow to get his cast, which he'll have to wear for 6-8 weeks.
*the kids were out of school Monday and Tuesday. In our district polling places are at all the schools and instead of trying to manage a million kids and people coming in out to vote, they just close the schools.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Mission(i) Accomplished

 details:sweater-f21/skirt-missoni for target/jacket-random vintage shop/booties-tj maxx

Hello November! When did you show up? Why is it that the older you get the faster time flies!?
  And do you know what isn't helpful? Going to Starbucks and seeing the red Christmas cups...on November 1. 
The nerve! 
But then I had my very first peppermint mocha and all was forgiven;)

 I have to admit that I didn't really get all fuss over the Missoni for Target collection. I guess I'm not a Missoni fan. But as I was strolling to the checkout line I noticed this skirt hanging alone and it was on sale. While I'm still not gaga for Missoni, I liked the colors and the price! It's a size large but it has a drawstring waistband and the I have belts, so problem solved. 

This weekend Art in Bloom is going on at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Florists and floral enthusiast are able to pick a work of art and make an arrangement inspired by the piece.
 This is my arrangement in the kitchen

And here it is in front of the inspiration painting
Frans Hals "Portrait of a Dutch Family"

I really love they look next to each other.
If your local check it out, there are some amazing arrangements!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

mad for plaid


Thank you so much for all of your words of encouragement on my last post!!!
Since I'm not working today I thought I'd break out these ridiculously high heeled booties. If lovin' 'em is wrong, I don't wanna be right:) 
I've also forgotten how much effort it takes for me to move gracefully in heels. Did I ever tell you I'm a klutz? 
So yesterday I had a conversation with a friend about how I put outfits together. Hmm, honestly these days there is no rhyme or reason. I usually have something I want to wear and I try to not look too ridiculous. Yup, that about sums it up. Wear something I like and try to avoid looking like an ass! Ha!Brilliant!!;)

We're headed out for dinner to celebrate my daughter's birthday. That's right she's turning the big 2-0!
I remember the day she was born so clearly. I was so excited to meet her! I was also terrified because I had absolutely no idea what the heck I was doing!!! I wanted to be the best mother possible. In some ways I've fallen very short of that goal. My one regret about having children so young isn't that I had them, it's that they had a mom that was still trying to figure out so much about herself:(

I'm so proud of you and so proud to be your Mom!     

I love you R! 
Happy Birthday!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

wordy monday


The last few weeks have been challenging.
I've been trying to focus on what I really want in terms of career and what that means for my family.
A few months ago, I had a conversation with a lady that I really admire. She basically has the job that I've been working on for myself. She is super talented and with a shit ton of hard work has become super successful in the local floral industry. We talked about lots of things, particularly about where I wanted to go with what I've been doing lately.
The fact of the matter is I want work for myself.
I want to work with couples to create events that reflect them-their personality, their style. I want to provide planning, florals and styling. This is a huge undertaking but it's something that I feel like I've been slowly running toward for a long time.

Starting a business takes a mountains of energy and cash. I have plenty of one and not enough of the other. I feel selfish asking my husband to dip into the savings to get this off the ground(especially when I have no real training!) My goal of working for myself from home so that I can get some balance in life and have a more flexible schedule for the baby we want to have(which isn't happening...another reason for some sadness around here)

Anyway, this wall of text is an explanation of sorts. Trying to come to the place where dreams and reality are not battling each other but balancing each is tough. Having all of these dreams and run full steam ahead and  having that tempered with caution and a level head(neither of which is my strong suit) is a little disheartening.

If anyone other than my bff and my family have read this far....thank you!!!!
So yeah, there have some cute outfits that I've loved but I've been spending my time trying to work out a business plan and start up costs.  
Anyhoo, I miss you guys!

Monday, October 3, 2011

honey mustard

                                  details:t shirt&belt-target/cords-gap/cardi-anthro/shoes-jcrew

Nothin' like a Monday to b***h slap you back to reality! Yesterday I had a lovely day at home with the husband. I even made the best caramel apple pie...ever!!! Which we totally ate as dinner-because I was too exhausted from baking to figure out the rest of dinner..oops;)

But today, my friends, I have the Monday-itchy, burning, watery-eyed, my allergies are killing me- blues!! My son had a doctor's appointment and I had to make a grocery run so not getting dressed wasn't an option. I started out with an entirely different look in mind but nothing was coming together. In times like this I rely on some old favorites. A comfy cardigan, cords and my favorite flat shoes.

Now it's time for a cup of tea and my allergy meds!

And a little bit of cute so this post isn't so Debbie Downer........ 

Hubby closed the pool today(boo!!!) Here's Henry relaxing on the pool cover:)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


details:cardi-target/blouse-??/skirt-anthro/tights-hue/shoes-steve madden

I feel like I'm on a roll! Maybe the cooler temps have inspired to actually get dressed and pull together a look instead of just trying to not to look like a hot mess in the heat and humidity. I forgot how much I adore tights. Yay for fall-cooler temps, boots, pumkin lattes, tights, and fall tv!!!
I got this skirt to wear out on our anniversary but this is the first time I've gotten to take a proper blog photo of it. It kind makes me wish I hadn't returned the crimson bubbles skirt:( Fellow Anthro lovers if you have that skirt and want to get rid of it send me an email;)
I went to a sweet little restaurant to have lunch with the hubby today. It would have been great if the two jerks at the table next to us weren't so freakin' loud!!! There were four people in the restaurant and we couldn't have a conversation because the other two were yuckin' it up like they had the place to themselves...rude!
Anyway, we're headed to get a pumpkin spice latte before pub trivia:)

See ya' on the flip side!

Monday, September 26, 2011

head in the clouds

I need more sweater dresses in my life! Much to my dismay I passed on Anthro's crocheted clouds dress.Boo!
Seriously, what was I thinking!!
Anyway, if there's anyone out there that has one in sz small and is willing to part with it, send me an a sista out:) 


details:top-jcrew/cardi-anthro/jeans-tjmaxx/shoes-steve madden/bracelets&watch-target

I was dying for a pair of red jeans!Dying! But, I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for them since I'm pretty sure the colored denim thing won't last for more than a season. I was wondering through tjmaxx when I found this pair for $12.99! It was a bit of sartorial serendipity:)

Red+pink+orange has become a favorite color combo and I'm pretty sure you know I have an undying love for florals and gingham;)
 Red,orange,pink,floral and gingham...winning!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

microphone check....

details:dress-f21/cardi-anthro/tights-target/shoes-tj maxx

Hello! this thing on!?
Long time, no see;)

Friday morning, my bestie Nicole, texted me this message "Damn, Can I get a moment of whimsy!?" I obliged her by snapping these pics before work that morning.
Ha!! Sometimes all you need is a swift kick from a girlfriend to get you back in the groove.

So much has happened since I last posted-I got another year older, my youngest kid started high school(sad face), I went to my 20 yr. high school reunion(eek)!!

I definitely needed a break but man, oh, man did I miss this place.
So what's been going with you? Let's hear it.... 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

as good as it gets

details:cami-tucker for target/shorts-old navy/cardi-jcrew/sandals-target

I just started reading my September issues and I long for fall! There is a certain glamour that comes with rich fabrics and saturated color, and boots...oh how I've missed them! But, let's be honest, today temperatures were in the upper 80s, I'm exhausted from work, and putting on heels and skirt was more than I could handle! So, this is as good as it gets:) And, I'm totally okay with that!

Have a good evening!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

summer days drifting away

Today the Mr. and I had an impromptu midday date. We checked out the Farmer's market 
on Fountain Square! 
Beautiful fruits and vegetables...

Buckets of sunflowers!

Dizzying amount of food choices...

An acapella group treated us to a Motown classic!

BBQ pulled pork(heaven on a bun!) and slaw...

And a cupcake for dessert!

Quick outfit deets:gingham blouse-jcrew/skirt-anthro/shoes-target/bag-ll bean
                                                                   /flower pin-h&m

We've both been working a lot this summer and these stolen afternoons together have been few and far between:(
Today was perfect!