Tuesday, September 27, 2011


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I feel like I'm on a roll! Maybe the cooler temps have inspired to actually get dressed and pull together a look instead of just trying to not to look like a hot mess in the heat and humidity. I forgot how much I adore tights. Yay for fall-cooler temps, boots, pumkin lattes, tights, and fall tv!!!
I got this skirt to wear out on our anniversary but this is the first time I've gotten to take a proper blog photo of it. It kind makes me wish I hadn't returned the crimson bubbles skirt:( Fellow Anthro lovers if you have that skirt and want to get rid of it send me an email;)
I went to a sweet little restaurant to have lunch with the hubby today. It would have been great if the two jerks at the table next to us weren't so freakin' loud!!! There were four people in the restaurant and we couldn't have a conversation because the other two were yuckin' it up like they had the place to themselves...rude!
Anyway, we're headed to get a pumpkin spice latte before pub trivia:)

See ya' on the flip side!

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