Thursday, February 24, 2011

bedazzled and bewildered


First, let me say thank you so much for all of your kind words, thoughts, prayers and condolences. I appreciate them more than you'll ever know.
My arm is finally feeling less tender! I'm hoping I'll be able to work out tomorrow. 

It goes without saying this has been a tough week. I wanted to put on something that made me feel pretty. Nothing says pretty like a beaded skirt! I bought this skirt a million years ago and it's like four sizes too big. Seriously, I have it pinned under my boobs:O This anthro cardigan has been a go to sweater for me. Once again, an item that never was on my radar until it hit the sale rack has become a wardrobe all-star.

I downloaded the new Adele cd and have become obsessed with it! Her first album was fantastic and the new is even better. How is that possible!? I think it's time to veg out a little, listen to some music and read one of the 15 magazines I've been hoarding.

Have a lovely evening.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This is my dad's sister.

She passed away suddenly Sunday.
A few years ago, she moved here from Akron. I'm so happy I got the chance to spend more time with her. I remember the first time she met Doug. "You have the most beautiful blue eyes!", she told him. "Auntie are you flirting with my man?", I asked. She responded with her trademark, contagious laughter "I'm a mess, aren't I?"

She was able to come to our wedding and I will be forever grateful for that.   

Monday, February 21, 2011

ray of light

details:blouse&jeans-f21/cardigan-target/shoes-steve madden

These were taken on Saturday during our last few hours of sunshine and springlike temps. Winter is back and so is that melancholy feeling.

Saturday night I sliced into my finger and had to go to the ER to get! Even worse, they gave me a tetanus shot and I had a bad reaction to it(chills,fever,very upset stomach). arm feels like I'm recovering from a gun shot instead of a vaccination!

Time for another dose of advil and bed.

Friday, February 18, 2011

early spring


Today we had a little taste of spring with sunny skies and temps in the 60s. This gave me an excuse to break out these shoes. I bought them from Gilt months ago and they've been patiently waiting in their debut. I'm pretty sure February is too early for bare legs and sandals but I couldn't help myself! I just wanted to wear something happy and this dress does it every time.
I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to doing absolutely nothing this weekend!
Have a good one:)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

polka stripes

details:striped top-h&m/skirt-f21(dress worn as skirt)/cardi-express/tights-h&m/shoes-steve madden

Thank you for all of your sweet words and well wishes yesterday! I'm so excited and hopeful about what this opportunity may bring into my life. But yesterday was so busy. And,  exhausted is not the word! Can you see it on my face in the last picture? So yeah...the outfit.

Until I started reading blogs I never would have thought to tuck the top part of this strapless dress into my skirt and wear it as a skirt. Maybe I still have a little v day love hangover because I'm loving the combination of red and pink. Pink and red, florals, stripes and polka dots......craaazzzzyyy...crazy awesome!

My dear, sweet, polka dot tights, I owe you a huge apology for allowing you languish in my dresser drawer and ignoring you for your brightly colored kin. I was seriously unaware of the awesome you pack in one powerful polka dot punch!   

You know what Tuesday night means? Tomorrow is half way to the weekend!!!    

Monday, February 14, 2011

i heart you

details:dress-small earth vintage-etsy/shoes-enzo agnelli/belt-f21/cardi-bebe

Last week a really good opportunity fell into my lap. For the last year I've been wondering if the florist thing was really what I wanted to do. I have a way of romanticizing things without giving any thought to what is really involved in doing the job. Yes, I love creating and I love flowers but is the day to day something I can deal with? Last week I got a job with a florist! It's not the dream job...yet, but it is a great way to get some practical experience. It's not with the floral designer that I loooove(and if she ever had a position open up I'd take it in a heartbeat!) Here's the thing working at a florist the week before Valentine's Day...insaaaane!! Waking up at 5 to work out, a 45 min commute, long days spent mostly on my feet and I really like it:) 

So, there was no time for blog reading and posting. I missed it so much! I also spent all week in jeans and t shirts. But, today is Valentine's Day!! How could I not put on a little somethin' pretty today?
When I saw this dress in Small Earth vintage on etsy I was smitten! Hearts and a vibrant color palette? Yes please! I was determined to wear my Dorothy Christmas shoes. It's been so cold and there's been soooo much snow that I had no choice but to tuck these lovelies away in the box -so sad, no? But today is Valentine's Day and I'll sparkle if I want to!

We don't really do much in terms of celebrating but who needs candy hearts and cliche roses when I get to come home everyday look into those baby blues, kiss, cuddle, plan our future, whisper sweet nothings, make dinners, laugh, hold hands and grow old together....

I Love You, Ace

Friday, February 4, 2011


Andie a member of Friend Friday wanted to do something special to promote Feburary as Heart Healthy month. Going along with the AHA fabulous "Going Red" Campaign it was decided that we would wear red every Fiday in Febuary.

I was shocked to learn that heart disease is the prevailing cause of death for African-American women. It is so important that we educate ourselves about the benefits of a healthy diet and excercise. As a wife and a mother, I realize that most of the time we put ourselves at the bottom of the priority list. If we want to take care of our families, we have to start taking care of ourselves!
I'm so happy to be able to participate.
Thanks Andie for such a fantastic idea!    

Red is one of my favorite colors! I know lots of us are afraid to wear it because it commands attention. But, I think every women looks beautiful in red. Today, let's add a little red{dress, lipstick,nails,whatever}.

details:dress-anthro/cardi-bebe/belt-target/shoes-steve madden/tights-kohl's

This dress is one of my all time favorite purchases. I adore the vibrant print and color but the silhouette makes a little more lady like and a little less look at me{i think}.

Thank you all for your sweet words yesterday. They most definitely helped:)
Tomorrow morning the husband and I are going for a quick getaway. I wish we could jet off to someplace warm and sunny but sadly that's not possible:( So no sunny skies but lots of alone time with my favorite guy, a little shopping and a glorious Sunday brunch{my all time fave meal!!} 

Have a fantastic weekend! See you on the other side;D

Thursday, February 3, 2011

neon trees

Hello there! Can we breathe a big sigh of relief that this week is almost dunzo!?
It has been an exceptionally hard week for me. 

I think if you ask people that know me the consensus would be that I'm an outgoing person-a little self deprecating and never with out an opinion. In some cases this is absolutely true. I want people to enjoy being around me and have a good time. I hate awkward so I think I go out of my way to make people feel comfortable. However, I am a fairly solitary person. I sometimes find face to face interaction exhausting(because of my need to entertain). My circle of close friends is very small. I'm content to stay in, read or watch television. I'm really quite happy to be alone. I think this is why I internalize things that are going on around me in a way that can be torturous.  On the outside I'm officially a grown up but inside I still feel like an angst-y teenager!

There are some things-personal things-that happened this week that have hit me hard. I don't want to sound melodramatic and everyone is healthy so please don't worry. But, this week I've been constantly reminding myself of that quote "comparison is the thief of joy". I have so much to be thankful and joyful about but for some reason I let the negative tapes play in my head and get top billing. I think last night I finally turned the page on most of what I've been trying to process so I'm hoping the rest of the week is easy, breezy:)

And of you made it through that wall of text...bless your heart;)    

Since I'm feeling like a tortured teen, I decided to pile on the neon which was the shizz in my day!(Yes, I double layered my polos, popped the collars on those suckers and wore them with my most neon jams! Tell me I'm not alone here.) 
Nothing says "Cheer up!" quite like wearing something unabashedly, verging on obnoxiously bright:D
Here's to a happy "revel in your own awesome-ness" Thursday!!