Tuesday, March 30, 2010

my new favorite shoes

excuse the general ickiness of my feet but these beauties are my wedding shoes! i'm in love!! seriously i put them on when they arrived and was mesmerized by sparkle. i don't think this picture doest them justice. yesterday was my fitting. it was fantastic(i'm so relieved)! there was another bride there and she was amazed by the shoes- how non-bridey but completely perfect the are for the dress. the best thing about them is they are a tan leather and will transition so well into my regular wardrobe.

shoes~jeffrey campbell~quartz platform sandal~nordstrom

daytime disco

sequin tube top~h&m
wide leg jeans~target

i'm not sure how i feel about this look. i was frantically trying to figure out what to wear this morning. i knew that i wanted to wear this anthro cardi. i wanted to pair it with a skirt and sandals but honestly i need a pedicure in the worst possible way and i forgot to shave my legs this morning(which may verge on tmi...sorry)so jeans it was. i saw the shimmer as i was looking for a tank to wear with the sweater and i decided to go with the tube top. i bought it before christmas at h&m. at the time it was a little snug and i lost the receipt so i kept it. i'm happy to say it fits the way it should now but it may be a little much at least for work. sparkly tube top and wide leg jeans may be too much disco for one outfit unless you're going to a theme party!

have a lovely tuesday:)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

feeling good


dress~reed shirtdress~anthro

shoes~aldo~leopard peep toes


hello all! i've been a little sick this week and have spent most of it wrapped up in a blanket on the couch. friday i woke up feeling a little better. i decided to dress hoping it would make me feel a little better. it did...for a while. by the time i made it home i was ready to put on my pj's and crawl back into bed.

the minute i tried this dress on it was love! dear anthropologie, please make this dress in a strapless version and also a halter version. k? thanks:) i was initially attracted to the plaid version but i decided that the solid color would be more versatile in my closet. i predict you will be seeing a lot of this dress in the coming months. i slipped on my fav leopard print shoes and a skinny black belt and was out the door in 30 minutes...no muss, no fuss!

i'm so sorry about my lack of posting and commenting. don't give up on me, i'm still here:) i try to keep on my blog reading even if i don't always post a comment. the wedding is 34 days away and i'm starting to feel the stress! this weekend i have a ton of projects i'm trying to tackle so that i don't have a bunch of things left to do right before the wedding. monday, i get to be reunited with my dress! i'm so excited and a little nervous. i wanted to shed some pounds and i have been working out(although the past week i've been seriously slacking) i haven't lost as much as i wanted to. part of me wants to give a big "eff you" to the wedding industry that makes otherwise rational and mature women panic and hate their bodies, but the other part of me wants to be a knockout with non jiggly arms:( i must confess that i'm so in love with my dress and when i put it on i feel a-maz-ing! anyway, i'm off to finish table numbers and table runners and such. have a wonderful weekend!

*sorry I'm a little wrinkled. i took these at the end of the day*

Monday, March 22, 2010

dressed in denim

striped turtleneck~the gap
white jeans~old navy
jean jacket~f21
bangles/gold belt~f21
clogs~jessica simpson
i really had a fantastic weekend! early saturday morning i drove up to springfield, ohio to take my oldest daughter to visit wittenberg university. we had a great time. i was really impressed by the campus and the professors that we met with. she was too. i'm pretty sure she's made up mind that she will be attending witt in the fall!
sunday, my future mother-in-law and future sisters-in-law threw me a bridal shower. it was lovley! i loved hanging out with and getting to know the women in his family better. i really wanted to wear my anthro "wright"dress but it was chilly so i opted for something else.
this morning the temperature dropped significantly. i decided to break out my white jeans. i love white denim! i paired it with my black and ivory striped turtleneck and my new jean jacket from f21. i love this jacket because it looks like it's already been broken in and it has these cute patches on it. i hope you had a lovely monday:)

Friday, March 19, 2010

give me liberty!

dress~liberty of london for target
shoes~steve madden
happy friday! i'm feeling more like myself today than i have all week. anyway, the sun is shining, birds are singing, and i'm wearing this dress!
i went to target to see if i could find the liberty of london bike. i'm obsessed with it! the merchandise locator indicated that there were none at any store in my area but i thought i'd give it shot. they didn't have the bike(which is also sold out online!) but i did find this dress. the reviews online for the liberty of london collaboration haven't been that great due to complaints about the fabrics. i found a few things that i liked. the heavy polyester makes them more of a spring than item anything you could wear in the summer but i'm okay with that. this dress features another one of my favorite color combinations- red and lilac. i don't wear them together often because i feel a little like one of those red hat society ladies. i think the print and the navy and small touches of aqua keep it modern. it finally stopped raining so i can break out the blue suede shoes again:)
what's on your schedule for the weekend? tomorrow i have to drive my oldest up to wiittenberg university for an incoming freshman event. i can't believe she'll be leaving for school in the fall. and sunday is my bridal shower. i'm excited to see all of my friends and family. i really want to wear my anthro "wright" dress but i'm not sure if the weather is going to cooperate. have a glorious day and a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

spring flowers

platform sandals~steve madden
i'm not sure how it's already thursday! i've been seriously neglecting the blog but the more things i cross off to do list the longer it seems to get. i'm dedicating mondays and tuesdays to completing wedding related tasks. yesterday, i was so exhausted from making guiness beef stew and irish soda bread,working out, and managing some family drama that i crashed before taking my pictures:(
today it's beautiful outside. i could hardly wait to get off work, roll down my windows and crank up the music! i bought this dress at anthro a few weeks ago. i intended to save it for my honeymoon but i needed to test wear it. i wasn't sure about the drop waist because it kind of hits me in an area that i'm not crazy about. i think the wide waist band makes it much more flattering. i love, love, love this dress. i didn't do much in terms of styling, mostly because i was running way late. it's a little low cut for work and i'll probably layer a tank under it the next time it makes a work appearance.

i have lots of mom errands to run this afternoon and i'm still not sure what we're having for dinner but tonight it's project runway and realhouswives of nyc so it's all good! have a lovely thursday!!

ps-i do want to say a huge thank you and welcome to all the new readers and followers.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

shades of blue

dress~rodarte for target
belt~taken from another dress
shoes~steve madden
first i want to say hello to any new followers and readers:) thanks for taking the time to check out my little corner of the blogosphere.
i feel like i look like a proper lady today. maybe it's the sweater with the flirty peplum:) i love all the shades of blues and purples in this outfit-perfect for a rainy day. i really love the dresses i got from the rodarte for target line. i couldn't' wait for it to warm up so that i could style this dress a little differently. this cardigan arrived the other day from f21. i wasn't sure that i liked it at first. the ruffle around the waist draws a little bit of attention to my midsection. i'm still not sure if it's flattering but ultimately i love the print and the sweet rosette brooch detail so much that i decided to keep it.
i'm thrilled tomorrow is friday! this weekend i have a ton of projects to start for the wedding so i'm looking forward to a nice quiet friday night before the diy madness begins:) i'm off to watch the real housewives of new york(one of my guilty pleasures). have a lovely evening.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i spy with my little eye...

the lovely anthro toasted meringue cuff on sale for $99.95!!! i totally forgot to stalk the sale section yesterday but this morning there she was in all of her glory on sale...finally! it will be here in 5-7 days and in 52 days i'll get to wear it on the big day:)

Monday, March 8, 2010


pencil skirt~bebe
babydoll cami~f21
leopard belt~rodarte for target
shoes~steve madden
it always shocks me how fast the weekend slips by! saturday night i was going to take a quick nap at 8 because i had to pick my daughter up from work at 10. well, i didn't wake up until 10 sunday morning! luckily, my sweetie picked my daughter up so she wasn't stranded:) i guess i've been running around too much and not listening to my body enough. it was nice to wake up and feel rested for a change.
did anyone watch the oscars last night? i watched most of it and found it mostly entertaining. i didn't watch the red carpet so i don't have any gowns to ooh and ahh over...yet!
today is the first day all year that it has been warm enough to go out with bare legs! i actually wore this sweater yesterday and when i was hanging up last i hung it next to this top and loved the color combination. it reminds me of a yummy sherbet or sorbet:) two vibrant colors on the top needed a neutral on the bottom so i went with this khaki pencil skirt and nude shoes. i really love the effect of the bright colors with the neutral. i hope you have a wonderful monday!

Friday, March 5, 2010

the highest form of flattery

oconee robe~anthropologie
cardigan~the gap
platforms~steve madden
tan fishnets~target
i'm so happy that friday finally made it i thought i should celebrate by wearing something pretty. this outfit was directly ripped off...eer inspired by two of my favorite bloogers, dea from the dea diariesthedeadiaries and anjali from goldenmeans. i wasn't aware this was a robe, probably because my bathrobe is terry cloth with hearts on it:D when i bought it from anthro i thought it was a tunic. anyway, i wore it as a dress once before but it was a wee too short and tad to thin for me to really feel comfortable in it. ahh, the beauty of layers. layered with my anthro crinoline, tan fishnets and these platforms i feel a little bit retro and a little bit southern, like i should be sitting on a large wrap around porch sipping sweet tea.

we finally got our invitations from the printer yesterday. i wanted to have them out last monday but that didn't happen. so, tonight i'm going to put the september issue in the dvd player and address them so i can get them in the mail by monday. i also oredered and received the wrap cardigan from anthro. it is so pretty. i love it but, it's more of an aqua than a pale blue so i'm not sure if i'm going to wear it. i'll take it with me to my next fitting to see how it looks with the dress. have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

wishing for spring

button down~walmart
cardigan~anthropologie(5 or 6 years ago)
tights~old navy
booties~steve madden
i'm running out of steam:( there's a lot going on and i'm not managing my stress very well. i'm pretty much exhausted. i also found out this morning that one of my daughters has to have her tonsils removed...great. i'm hoping we can get her healthy and she can stay healthy until school is out for the summer and we can have them removed during the break so she won't have to miss school.

even though i'm dragging, i thought i would try to look cheerful on the outside. it's finally warming up a bit so i thought i'd break out the florals. this cardigan is one of the first things i purchased when anthro opened in my fair city. i still love it and get compliments on it. the pattern and colors in the skirt make me smile. i can't wait to wear this again when it's warm but for now it's booties and tights. i'm going to try and get a good amount of sleep tonight. happy thursday!

Monday, March 1, 2010

polka dots and lace

skirt~ i can't remember the name of it scallop something~anthropologie
blouse~the limited(a hundred years ago)
lace tights~f21
silver bow belt~target
grey peep toes~charlotte russe
the weekend flew by so quickly! i thought i could ease into the work week but today was especially chaotic at work. sometimes i feel like i am stretched so thin that i can't do any of the things i need to do particularly well. i hate that.
friday i went to anthro to search for the cardigan to wear with my wedding dress. my anthro didn't have it in stock:( but while i was there i browsed through the sale section and picked a few things. this skirt was one of them. i wasn't sure how i was going to work it into my wardrobe but i couldn't leave it there. i decided to pair it with this top i got from the limited years ago. i haven't been able to part with it because of the sequin rosette detail but i can't even tell you the last time i wore it. i was also drawn to the polka dots of this cardigan. i haven't been able to successfully pair it with anything but i really love how this all came together.
tonight is the my first dress fitting! i'm excited and a little nervous:D happy monday!