Tuesday, March 30, 2010

my new favorite shoes

excuse the general ickiness of my feet but these beauties are my wedding shoes! i'm in love!! seriously i put them on when they arrived and was mesmerized by sparkle. i don't think this picture doest them justice. yesterday was my fitting. it was fantastic(i'm so relieved)! there was another bride there and she was amazed by the shoes- how non-bridey but completely perfect the are for the dress. the best thing about them is they are a tan leather and will transition so well into my regular wardrobe.

shoes~jeffrey campbell~quartz platform sandal~nordstrom


  1. Love them! You are super smart to find a shoe that you will be able to wear again. Mine are just chilling in the shoe box--$250 and only worn once!

  2. I only recently discovered your site, and I have to say, you have amazing taste! I love, love, love the shoes....they'll be with you for years!

  3. Jenny- being able to wear them again was one of my main requirements. i didn't care how nuch they cost(within reason)but being able to look at them while wearing a pair of jeans and remembering that day is kind of neat:)

    jane-thanks for the compliments and for taking the time to look at the site:)