Monday, March 1, 2010

polka dots and lace

skirt~ i can't remember the name of it scallop something~anthropologie
blouse~the limited(a hundred years ago)
lace tights~f21
silver bow belt~target
grey peep toes~charlotte russe
the weekend flew by so quickly! i thought i could ease into the work week but today was especially chaotic at work. sometimes i feel like i am stretched so thin that i can't do any of the things i need to do particularly well. i hate that.
friday i went to anthro to search for the cardigan to wear with my wedding dress. my anthro didn't have it in stock:( but while i was there i browsed through the sale section and picked a few things. this skirt was one of them. i wasn't sure how i was going to work it into my wardrobe but i couldn't leave it there. i decided to pair it with this top i got from the limited years ago. i haven't been able to part with it because of the sequin rosette detail but i can't even tell you the last time i wore it. i was also drawn to the polka dots of this cardigan. i haven't been able to successfully pair it with anything but i really love how this all came together.
tonight is the my first dress fitting! i'm excited and a little nervous:D happy monday!


  1. I love the polka dots with the ruffle cami!! I love that cardi!!

  2. The polka-dot cardigan looks so great with that skirt! Adorable outfit

  3. love this outfit! all the details are feminine and sweet but not tooo much!

  4. Haha- we're twins (sorta) today, because I just posted my pics wearing the anthro dotted lace sweater. Something about polka dots today!! You look fabulous, and everything looks made for each other.
    Good luck with the dress fitting tonight!!

  5. How cute are you?!! I heart rehearsal dress is from there.

  6. I absolutely ADORE that skirt! The hemline is just too adorable.

    And I hope you find the cardigan from Anthro!

  7. i love the edges of your skirt. so cute with the cardigan.

  8. Courtnee, I love your skirt. It is the Scalloped Clouds skirt from Anthro--one of my favorite skirts! I love that cardi, too! Fabulous!

  9. Great look! Such beautiful textures and details here!

  10. I actually saw this on Anthroholic but had to come here to tell you how awesome this looks!!!

  11. seeing this on anthroholic made me obsess over this skirt to the point of stalking it on ebay. that's AFTER not ordering it back when it was in stock because it didn't really catch my eye enough. *sigh*

    ♥ your outfits. i'm following.