Wednesday, February 12, 2014

make room for baby

Nursery planning started long before I even found out I was pregnant. Once that plus sign appeared I went into inspiration overdrive. I knew that I didn't want a themed room-pink princess for a girl or sports themed for a boy. I wanted to focus more on the style and the color palette. Somehow in my mind I envsioned a room that had vintage elements in shades of pink and green with a little red and yellow thrown in to make it bright and cheerful. I will admit that my initial room design was leaning heavily toward the girl side. I was a tiny bit shocked when we learned that we were having a baby boy! That little nugget of info meant some design changes were needed.

The one element that I know I wanted, be it girl or boy, was the jenny lind crib. With a black crib and dark hardwood floors going into the room, I decided on a neutral color scheme of black, natural wood elements and soft gray walls. We are using shades of green, navy blue and white to give it some color.

Here's a little inspiration I put together for the room. I'm calling it vintage modern whimsy! When I showed it to my daughter, Skylar, she said it didn't look like a baby's room. The crib makes it a nursery;) Confession time: we're roughly 11 weeks away from my due date and we're just starting to work on the room! #slackers We are beginning to make a bit of progress. Painting and the hardwood flooring should happen this week. A few weeks ago a friend put me in touch with a local quilter to make the quilt and we found a mid century modern dresser that will also double as the changing table. It just needs a little refinishing and some new hardware. The goal is to have it finished before the my baby shower on March 9. We'll get it finished...right? I hope?! 

Thursday, February 6, 2014


A million years ago I had dreams of being an art history major, traveling to Europe to study the works of the old masters and eventually settling in as gallery girl in a trendy gallery in New York. But, I got married, raised a family and my glamorous art world dreams faded away.

I'm not an artist but the new Waterlogue app lets me get my Monet on. I'm a little bit obsessed! Lately I've been turning photos of my flower arrangements into watercolor works of art!

Waterlogue prints of my bridal bouquets might make an awesome thank you gift!

Monday, February 3, 2014

and just like that...

I'm back! I'm surprised that I missed blogging as much as I did. I needed the break. I needed time to deal with all of the personal stuff that was happening all at once that I didn't feel like dump here. For everyone to read. At my core I'm a deeply private person. I don't always let people have access to all of the things I'm thinking and feeling. An odd thing for a blogger to admit. Anyway, long story short, I needed to figure out exactly what I wanted this space to be. The things that compelled me to start blogging were not that interesting anymore and felt forced almost like a chore. I'm still trying to figure it all out but in the time I needed to just start again, ya know? I was all set to start posting a few months ago. Then this happened and kind of knocked my off my feet for a bit!
 After three years of trying, We're having a freaking baby!!

 *27 weeks down. 13 weeks(give or take) to go!
And so I'm sure there will still be some stuff about what I'm wearing-which is fairly limited these days- but much more life stuff. I think. I'm happy to be here again:)