Wednesday, December 19, 2012

she's crafty

I don't consider myself too crafty, mostly because I'm very impatient. But, gimme a can of spray paint and IT'S ON! I didn't want to throw out my cute white pumpkins so I did what anyone addicted to gold spray paint would do. I sprayed those bad boys and made my very own Glamman or Snowkin or Glumpkin:)

I thought he looked kinda creepy without a mouth so I added one...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

coulumbus, j t'aime

A few weeks ago I traveled with my hubby to Columbus to catch Ray LaMontagne at the Palace Theatre. We decided to make it an overnight excursion. We love Columbus and I'm determined to convince him to move up North! Isn't funny how a city a few hours away can have a completely different vibe to it?

I meant to bring my camera but since I waited until the last minute to pack I totally forgot it:( Usually when we are there we wander around the Short North district. This time we explored German Village. Before the concert we ate at G Michael's Bistro {our meal was delicious and the service was great!} and I spotted Pistacia Vera, a cute dessert boutique, as we were searching for a parking spot. Funny how I can spot a macaron from yards away in a moving vehicle:) I treated myself to a few that night and the next day on our way home I stopped in to buy a box to take home.

We also managed to fit in a visit to the Wexner Center for the Arts  to see the Annie Leibovitz exhibit(amazing!) It runs through Dec 30 and if you're near Columbus please check it out!

Not bad for a 24 hour excursion;)

Monday, December 17, 2012

These photos were taken a few weeks ago, the beginning of the month I think. It seems like ages ago-winter felt more like autumn, Christmas still seemed like it was far enough away that I could get everything done. Literally, the world was a different place. But here we are on a sobering Monday, things still need to get done- presents need to be purchased, package need to be wrapped and I have a stack of cards that need is different, but, surprisingly the same.

*i don't really let my political flag fly in this space, but if you are so inclined please take minute to sign this petition to urge our government to seriously consider new gun control legislation. thank you  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

date night


I trust that you all had a Happy Thanksgiving! Ours was delightful but a bit delayed. My husband had to work on Thanksgiving(apparently computers aren't aware that it's a rude!)so we don't have dinner until he gets home at 8. This means I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to get the bird in the oven. It also means that by the time he pulls his car into the garage I'm nearly ready to chew my arm off! That being said, turkey was eaten, wine was sipped and we got to face time for a bit with the baby girl in Florida:)

I've slowly emerged from my food coma. Having finally convinced myself that pie is not actually suitable for breakfast every single day, I'm getting dressed again. The only thing remarkable about this outfit is that I managed to wear it all day. Since the time change, does anyone else find themselves in pajamas at 5 o'clock or is it just me? Damn you Daylight Savings Time!  Since I was all dressed like a proper adult I decided to treat the husband to $5 movie night. We saw Argo. It was so, so good, like people cheered and clapped at the end good.  So add that one to your "must see before the Oscars" list. I'm going to try to fit in Lincoln and The Perks of Being a Wallflower in the next week. Do you have any good movie recommendations? 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

you're my inspiration


I wish I could take credit for this outfit, but I can't. I saw this outfit on the lovely Shan and ran to Target to see if I could find this dope sweater. It was only after I uploaded these pictures that I realized that this entire outfit is from Tar-jay. Well played, Target, well played! And thanks Shan for letting me steal your entire look inspiring me;)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


wearing:blouse-f21/cardigan-target/belt+skirt-anthropologie/boots-tj maxx

Lately, I've been in a bit of a rut. Wedding season is pretty much over and I have a few things lined up here and there, but with no big project to obsess over, I'm feeling a little bit lost. The fact that I work at home and I'm alone, a lot, doesn't help. I'm spending more of my work days in jeans, one of my husband's old t-shirts and a grubby(but sooo comfortable)old sweater- not exactly presentable or fashionable. In an effort to stave off my one person pity party, I actually got dressed! It helped...a little.

 If you stuck around for my self indulgent venting, thank you:) Happy Tuesday!

Boots | Everybody, Everywear


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

a whiter shade of pale


wearing:blouse-f21/cardigan-anthropologie/jeans-american eagle/shoes-dollhouse

I seem to have developed an addiction to printed jeans. I'm sure that if you told me last year that I wouldn't mind encasing my bottom half in leopard print, red floral denim or in this case ivory and lavender ikat print I would have called you cray-cray!! I've decided that a fun print adds a little somethin' somethin' to what has become my everyday uniform- jeans, a blouse and a sweater-yawn.  

I'm nursing my election hangover and trying to figure out if I can successfully wean myself from the nonstop political news that's been the soundtrack at our house for the last few months!


Friday, October 26, 2012

well behaved women rarely make history

Dear Rian,

How is it possible that you are Twenty.Freakin'.One!!!? I still vividly remember the day you were born. I was terrified but so excited to meet this new little person. I was so incredibly young, but I couldn't wait to be your mom.

Ughhh, I told myself I wouldn't cry, but I here I sit at the computer with tears and snot   running down my face. There are so many things that I got wrong. So many moments I wish I could do over. I hope you know that everything I did, every mistake I may have made always,always,always came from of place of love.

But, these things I know for sure:
You are smarter and stronger than you give yourself credit for. Your smile lights up a room and your crazy laugh is infectious. You love fiercely and deeply. You are a survivor. You are a risk taker(when you give yourself permission to be). You're beautiful on the outside and a beautiful soul on the inside. You make me proud and not just because I'm your mother. Basically, my sweet baby girl, you are a rock star! Now it's time for you to go out in the world and kick some ass! 

Happy, Happy, Happy  21st Birthday!!!!

ps- Always remember....sloppy, drunk girl in the club is not a good look...mkay;) 

Monday, October 22, 2012

weekend warrior

wearing:camo jacket-yard sale find/blouse+jeans-target/belt-anthropologie

Another weekend of flower hustlin' has come and gone. Exhaustion, exhilaration and lots of thorn wounds but I threw on some polka dots, topped with some camo and added a little bit of sparkle for...sparkle;) and powered through.

Time to rest up and regroup.Then it's on to the next one! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

mint it

wearing:sweater-old navy(old)/jeans-target/sneakers-chuck taylor

This week I had a special event, two special orders and a wedding! After setting up the wedding yesterday I came home and crashed!   17 hours of sleep, 4 advil and a shower later, I kind of feel human again:)  And, the madness starts all over again on Wednesday!

I'm kind of in love with this arrangement I made for a "Thinking of You" special last week.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

paisley park

wearing:dress/h&m/cardigan-anthropologie/tights-target/shoes-steve madden

It's officially tights weather and I couldn't wait to transition this dress from spring to fall! I donned this bright pink pair to inaugurate tights season.

Today I start prepping for Sunday's wedding. Be sure to follow me on instagram to keep up with all the flower good-ness:)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Have you seen friends on facebook posting about taking advantage of an offer for free glasses from Coastal? I did and was immediately skeptical curious. I'm as blind as a bat and a new pair of glasses can be expensive, even with our vision coverage. So, I decided to check out the offer. Basically the coupon code, FIRSTPAIRFREE, entitles you to a complete{lenses+frame} pair up to $99. Because my prescription is heavy duty I had to pay a small up charge for the lenses{I have to get a slightly different lens so my glasses aren't 6 inches thick!}It's always the case so it wasn't unexpected. But, you guys, I only ended up paying $35 and that included shipping.#winning If you're considering a new pair of specs, I highly recommend them!

*Coastal did not compensate me in any way(although, I wouldn't turn down another pair of glasses!)  I was just super impressed with the product and speedy delivery time. They upgraded my delivery with no extra charge and I had my new glasses in 5 days! 

*Frames are the Derek Cardigan 7013 in tortoise


Monday, October 8, 2012

viva las vegas

wearing:cardigan-target/blouse+tank-f21/floral jeans-tjmaxx/shoes-kate spade

I'm fairly certain that this combination of red floral and leopard print(with a very large velvet Elvis painting, naturally) can be found in a 70-something retired Vegas showgirl's living room but, if lovin' it is wrong I don't wanna be right!  

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

midas touch

wearing:jeans-target/top+jacket-f21/shoes-sam edelman "scarlett"-dillard's/jewelry-f21+target

Friday nights around here usually involve pizza and a riveting installment of Dateline:Real Life Mysteries. So glamorous! But, last weekend I shimmied my way into a pair of gold skinny jeans and dangerously high heels. I did my best to shake off the 'burbs while hitting a few of downtown's hipster hangouts. A fabulous time was had by all:)      

Monday, October 1, 2012

matinee brights

wearing:jeans+loafers-target/tank-f21/jacket-tj maxx/bag-cynthia rowley via tj maxx

October is shaping up to be a busy month with work so I decided to take myself to see a matinee of Pitch Perfect (treat.yo.self!)on Saturday afternoon. It was funny and sweet and made me want join an a capella group.

I also think I'm starting to feel inspired about getting dressed again. In the past few months everything was feeling forced or just plain old "wrong". I've gained a few pounds-which never helps- and I think when you start blogging your outfits there's a tendency to overanalyze. Not everything I wear is going to be "OMGFASHION!!!!" I'm starting to remember that the only person that needs to feel good about what I'm wearing is me. It seems so simple.

Obnoxious neons and glitter shoes are always going to take me to my happy place:)