Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Have you seen friends on facebook posting about taking advantage of an offer for free glasses from Coastal? I did and was immediately skeptical curious. I'm as blind as a bat and a new pair of glasses can be expensive, even with our vision coverage. So, I decided to check out the offer. Basically the coupon code, FIRSTPAIRFREE, entitles you to a complete{lenses+frame} pair up to $99. Because my prescription is heavy duty I had to pay a small up charge for the lenses{I have to get a slightly different lens so my glasses aren't 6 inches thick!}It's always the case so it wasn't unexpected. But, you guys, I only ended up paying $35 and that included shipping.#winning If you're considering a new pair of specs, I highly recommend them!

*Coastal did not compensate me in any way(although, I wouldn't turn down another pair of glasses!)  I was just super impressed with the product and speedy delivery time. They upgraded my delivery with no extra charge and I had my new glasses in 5 days! 

*Frames are the Derek Cardigan 7013 in tortoise


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