Friday, October 26, 2012

well behaved women rarely make history

Dear Rian,

How is it possible that you are Twenty.Freakin'.One!!!? I still vividly remember the day you were born. I was terrified but so excited to meet this new little person. I was so incredibly young, but I couldn't wait to be your mom.

Ughhh, I told myself I wouldn't cry, but I here I sit at the computer with tears and snot   running down my face. There are so many things that I got wrong. So many moments I wish I could do over. I hope you know that everything I did, every mistake I may have made always,always,always came from of place of love.

But, these things I know for sure:
You are smarter and stronger than you give yourself credit for. Your smile lights up a room and your crazy laugh is infectious. You love fiercely and deeply. You are a survivor. You are a risk taker(when you give yourself permission to be). You're beautiful on the outside and a beautiful soul on the inside. You make me proud and not just because I'm your mother. Basically, my sweet baby girl, you are a rock star! Now it's time for you to go out in the world and kick some ass! 

Happy, Happy, Happy  21st Birthday!!!!

ps- Always remember....sloppy, drunk girl in the club is not a good look...mkay;) 

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