Tuesday, July 26, 2011

she blogs

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There is  an entire list of reasons to explin my posting absence to whose of you still reading-the unbearable heat, crazy and exhuasting work schedule, a little bit chaos/drama/stuff with the kids, lack of inspiration...

I could go on but I won't.
I hope your summer is treating you well!

Friday, July 15, 2011

blue it


This weekend I'm headed to Columbus for a wedding. I'm officially old enough to be included on the parent guest list...eek! I'm not going as a guest of the bride or groom(although I've known the groom since he took his very first breath). The mother of the groom is one of my very best friends! I can't tell you how old that makes me feel :S 

This weekend will be a mini reunion of sorts-seeing friends I haven't seen in years-and a chance to hang out with my favorite group of girls. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

vintage whimsy

details:dress-archivesvintage-etsy/skirt worn as slip&belt-anthro/shoes-steve madden

How is it Thursday already? Seriously!?
When the lovely Lisa updated her etsy shop with this gem of a dress I pounced! Sweet summer print, sheer and airy with a full skirt-Yes, please! I ripped open the package and pranced around the house feeling oh so pretty:) The fabric is sheer and for a night out I might put a pair of boy shorts on underneath and leave it at that.But for the sake of modesty I layered it over an Anthropologie skirt and was instantly work appropriate!

A busy day tomorrow requires a ton of sleep tonight.
 Have a lovely evening:)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

swing time

details:skirt-old navy/tank&sandals-target/cardi-gap/belt-anthro
Time flies when you have a long holiday weekend! Does anyone else feel slightly
off balance!? 

When I dug this skirt out of the closet this morning I realized that this was the skirt I was wearing when 
we found our house almost 7 years ago! 
It's a good thing I hoard save things;) 
You never know what's gonna come back in style.

After looking at these pictures I'm not totally in love with this outfit, but I got 
dressed and took pics today....baby steps, people:)
I'm just getting back into the blogger swing of things! 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

sunday kind of love

details: skirt-vintage/top-tj maxx/shoes-j simpson

A quiet Sunday morning spent sipping coffee, blog reading and listening to jazz standards. That is my idea of perfection!
But, this afternoon my son treated me to the movies. He paid and even bought us popcorn! Of course, the movie was Transformers-yep we have a little work to do on dating etiquette. The girl always get to pick the movie;) Clearly, subtlety is not one Michael Bay's strength but the combination of Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhmel and Tyrese was enough to keep my attention!

I wish this outfit had photographed better but, it was sooooo hot that I really didn't feel like
taking 50 million photos and attempt to get 5 decent ones. Oh well....
I kind of love the 70s feel of it. 
This skirt is awesome but think it's just a smidge too long. If I hem it an inch or two I won't have to always wear it with 5.5 inch heels. 

I'm off to make dinner.
Have a kick,transforming alien, a** Sunday:D

Friday, July 1, 2011


details:cardi,dress,belst-f21/shoes-boutique in Savannah

This entire outfit sans shoes is brought to you by f21 because that's how I roll;)
It doesn't get any easier than this for a Friday morning.  This dress has a loose fit that I kind of love. So you know, after I stuff my face with chips and guacamole and drink my body weight in sangria, I can take off the belt and still look cute-minus the salt bloat;)

I bought these shoes on our honeymoon. I was oddly attracted to them even though they were like nothing I own. I bought them and promptly forgot I owned them until this week when I was frantically searching for a closed toe shoe with a wedge heel to wear to work. Well heeeellllllo, slightly modified sandal!
I think you and I are gonna be besties! 

I can't believe it's July 1.....seriously, WTH! Where did June go? Any big plans for the holiday weekend?
We have none. Boo! 

Happy Friday!!!