Sunday, July 3, 2011

sunday kind of love

details: skirt-vintage/top-tj maxx/shoes-j simpson

A quiet Sunday morning spent sipping coffee, blog reading and listening to jazz standards. That is my idea of perfection!
But, this afternoon my son treated me to the movies. He paid and even bought us popcorn! Of course, the movie was Transformers-yep we have a little work to do on dating etiquette. The girl always get to pick the movie;) Clearly, subtlety is not one Michael Bay's strength but the combination of Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhmel and Tyrese was enough to keep my attention!

I wish this outfit had photographed better but, it was sooooo hot that I really didn't feel like
taking 50 million photos and attempt to get 5 decent ones. Oh well....
I kind of love the 70s feel of it. 
This skirt is awesome but think it's just a smidge too long. If I hem it an inch or two I won't have to always wear it with 5.5 inch heels. 

I'm off to make dinner.
Have a kick,transforming alien, a** Sunday:D

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