Saturday, December 31, 2011

12 for 2012

Happy New Year!!!Expect to see more of !these in the new year
The Mayans have predicted the end of the world(as we know it, and I feel fiiiine!) and if this is indeed my last year on the planet I intend to make it a damn good one!

And, yes, it is absolutely cliche to post my list of resolutions but I'm ok with that. 

So 2012, meet me  at camera 3...

1. Operation Baby(aka...let's get it on!) We've been trying(sorta) to get pregnant for a bit. We haven't officially been told that we're fertility challenged but there are a few issues that are making it difficult for us to make a baby. This is the year we deal with those issues and get this baby thing happening. Seriously, we're not getting any younger!

2. Transition into working from home and officially launching my business. These last few months I've been putting lots and lots of effort into planning and developing my business. This is the year that I make it happen.

3. Workout at least three days a week. I can't believe I'm going to say this out loud for all of the interwebz to read, but I feel better/stronger/more relaxed when I workout! I usually go balls to the wall for a few months and then burn out. Must remember...moderation

4.Menu plan and eat better- I used to be really good at this but,um,I got lazy

5.Garden. We've been talking about planting a garden for years. I'm tired of paying through the nose for heirloom tomatoes dammit! This year I will have my own veggies and herbs!

6. Enjoy our city. Cincinnati is not New York or Chicago but I think it's so easy to get in the routine of never doing anything or constantly doing the same thing ( of 2) So no more hangin in the burbs and watching NCIS marathons, it's time to explore the city!
7. Entertain more. Last year I was determined to bring back the old fashioned cocktail hour. So, it didn't happen. But this year, my friends, plenty of cocktail hours, game nights and movie nights to come!

8.Conquer my fear of baking. I'm kind of scatterbrained when it comes to baking. It's a little too exact for me and I've had a few baking disasters(can we please never mention the birthday cake disaster of 2009!?) that have scarred me! This year I will bake a souffle and bread among other things.

9. Invest in a fancy new camera ASAP. I think one of the many reasons I've been slacking on posting is because my current is such a pain to use. While I'm not exactly sure that taking pictures of myself warrants a several hundred dollar camera, I also plan on using it for my business. Over the past few weeks I've been really thinking long and hard about the direction I want to take this blog in(if I still have any readers left) and upping my photo game is an important piece of the equation.

10. Tackle some redecorating. I've been cheating on style blogs with design blogs! My personal style has evolved int the last few years and so has design aesthetic. It's time to give the house a little makeover. And yes honey, that includes a tile backsplash in the kitchen;)  

11. Put myself out there more. Meeting people and taking some chances will be extremely important in terms of building my business

12. Nurture personal  relationships. In other words, be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend.

  And with that 2012, bring it!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

blame it on the goose

details:dress-tj maxx/tights&belt-target/booties-baker's

Thanksgiving weekend I got to hang out with my three favorite girls! We've been friends since the 5th grade. In that 20+years we've seen each other through painful teenage love affairs, marriages, babies, divorces, horrible bosses, illness and everything in between! 
C lives in Memphis, B has a little one, N has full life that includes a teenager and a demanding job and I moved to the burbs! Meet ups are few and far between(we need to work on that girls!!) but when we get out! There will be laughter, good food, lots of cocktails and one or two(hundred) inappropriate jokes;) 

I wore this mullet dress because after eating my body weight in turkey and sweet potato pie I couldn't stomach(no pun intended!) the idea of squeezing myself into a pair of jeans..oy! Love the dress, hate my slouching:( 

Better view of the dress and I look like I enjoyed that free White Russian a wee bit too much, no?