Wednesday, February 12, 2014

make room for baby

Nursery planning started long before I even found out I was pregnant. Once that plus sign appeared I went into inspiration overdrive. I knew that I didn't want a themed room-pink princess for a girl or sports themed for a boy. I wanted to focus more on the style and the color palette. Somehow in my mind I envsioned a room that had vintage elements in shades of pink and green with a little red and yellow thrown in to make it bright and cheerful. I will admit that my initial room design was leaning heavily toward the girl side. I was a tiny bit shocked when we learned that we were having a baby boy! That little nugget of info meant some design changes were needed.

The one element that I know I wanted, be it girl or boy, was the jenny lind crib. With a black crib and dark hardwood floors going into the room, I decided on a neutral color scheme of black, natural wood elements and soft gray walls. We are using shades of green, navy blue and white to give it some color.

Here's a little inspiration I put together for the room. I'm calling it vintage modern whimsy! When I showed it to my daughter, Skylar, she said it didn't look like a baby's room. The crib makes it a nursery;) Confession time: we're roughly 11 weeks away from my due date and we're just starting to work on the room! #slackers We are beginning to make a bit of progress. Painting and the hardwood flooring should happen this week. A few weeks ago a friend put me in touch with a local quilter to make the quilt and we found a mid century modern dresser that will also double as the changing table. It just needs a little refinishing and some new hardware. The goal is to have it finished before the my baby shower on March 9. We'll get it finished...right? I hope?! 

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