Monday, February 3, 2014

and just like that...

I'm back! I'm surprised that I missed blogging as much as I did. I needed the break. I needed time to deal with all of the personal stuff that was happening all at once that I didn't feel like dump here. For everyone to read. At my core I'm a deeply private person. I don't always let people have access to all of the things I'm thinking and feeling. An odd thing for a blogger to admit. Anyway, long story short, I needed to figure out exactly what I wanted this space to be. The things that compelled me to start blogging were not that interesting anymore and felt forced almost like a chore. I'm still trying to figure it all out but in the time I needed to just start again, ya know? I was all set to start posting a few months ago. Then this happened and kind of knocked my off my feet for a bit!
 After three years of trying, We're having a freaking baby!!

 *27 weeks down. 13 weeks(give or take) to go!
And so I'm sure there will still be some stuff about what I'm wearing-which is fairly limited these days- but much more life stuff. I think. I'm happy to be here again:) 

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