Saturday, March 27, 2010

feeling good


dress~reed shirtdress~anthro

shoes~aldo~leopard peep toes


hello all! i've been a little sick this week and have spent most of it wrapped up in a blanket on the couch. friday i woke up feeling a little better. i decided to dress hoping it would make me feel a little better. it did...for a while. by the time i made it home i was ready to put on my pj's and crawl back into bed.

the minute i tried this dress on it was love! dear anthropologie, please make this dress in a strapless version and also a halter version. k? thanks:) i was initially attracted to the plaid version but i decided that the solid color would be more versatile in my closet. i predict you will be seeing a lot of this dress in the coming months. i slipped on my fav leopard print shoes and a skinny black belt and was out the door in 30 muss, no fuss!

i'm so sorry about my lack of posting and commenting. don't give up on me, i'm still here:) i try to keep on my blog reading even if i don't always post a comment. the wedding is 34 days away and i'm starting to feel the stress! this weekend i have a ton of projects i'm trying to tackle so that i don't have a bunch of things left to do right before the wedding. monday, i get to be reunited with my dress! i'm so excited and a little nervous. i wanted to shed some pounds and i have been working out(although the past week i've been seriously slacking) i haven't lost as much as i wanted to. part of me wants to give a big "eff you" to the wedding industry that makes otherwise rational and mature women panic and hate their bodies, but the other part of me wants to be a knockout with non jiggly arms:( i must confess that i'm so in love with my dress and when i put it on i feel a-maz-ing! anyway, i'm off to finish table numbers and table runners and such. have a wonderful weekend!

*sorry I'm a little wrinkled. i took these at the end of the day*


  1. So sorry you've been sick. Take care of yourself so you're ready for the big day.

    I second your emotion about the Reed Shirtdress. I have it in Navy and the Red Plaid color ways. I just know I will probably wear them until they are threadbare.

    Good luck on your projects this weekend! Oh, and don't get down on yourself for not working out--you're gonna knock 'em dead!

  2. Oh, the leopard shoes and the Reed are such a fun pairing :)
    Good luck with all your wedding planning and projects; I can't imagine the amount of stress you must be going through! Just watching my friend planning her wedding (a little farther away than yours) gets *me* anxious!

  3. LOVE that look. That kelly green is one of my favorite colors and the pop of animal print is so fun.

  4. jenny- thanks for the kind words:)

    anjali-the whole planning process as been a little stressful but i'm so excited to see how it all turns out!

    davies-for some strange reason i think of leopard as a neutral:)

  5. so refreshing to see you in this dress! i love the color on you! i bought the red plaid version yesterday and i'm in love with the fit. i tried it on with a thicker belt but i love the skinny belt on you. i will have to try it.

    i'm excited to see/hear/read about all the wedding details. it sounds fabulous! if you love the dress and feel gorgeous in it, don't worry about the arms. no one but you will notice the jiggle. promise.

  6. You made my first feature: Fav Weekly Blogger Outfits -

  7. You look adorable. You just make me remember that I have a green shirtdress of my own that I haven't worn in forever!

  8. Love the shoes! Are you letting your tatoos hang out at the wedding or covering up?

  9. happy~i have ten tattoos. i have one on each arm. i am covering those two but the rest that are visible will stay uncovered. my dad does not like them at all so i'm covering those two as a gift to him. i kind of feel like i'm selling out but i'm ok with that...i guess. did you decide on whether or not to cover yours?

  10. Not covering. I've got three, but only the one on my foot is visible.