Thursday, March 4, 2010

wishing for spring

button down~walmart
cardigan~anthropologie(5 or 6 years ago)
tights~old navy
booties~steve madden
i'm running out of steam:( there's a lot going on and i'm not managing my stress very well. i'm pretty much exhausted. i also found out this morning that one of my daughters has to have her tonsils removed...great. i'm hoping we can get her healthy and she can stay healthy until school is out for the summer and we can have them removed during the break so she won't have to miss school.

even though i'm dragging, i thought i would try to look cheerful on the outside. it's finally warming up a bit so i thought i'd break out the florals. this cardigan is one of the first things i purchased when anthro opened in my fair city. i still love it and get compliments on it. the pattern and colors in the skirt make me smile. i can't wait to wear this again when it's warm but for now it's booties and tights. i'm going to try and get a good amount of sleep tonight. happy thursday!


  1. You look so beautiful Courtney! I love the pairing of everything, but then again, I always love the way you pair things! The shoes are a surprising pop to an all-romantic outfit and oh, I just dig it all!!

  2. you look awesome! i love the skirt with opaque tights and the booties.

  3. bummer to deal with a tonsilectomy on a summer break!

    cute look. love the colors in your skirt.