Friday, February 26, 2010

green sleeves

green cardigan~express
jeans~hudson~tj maxx
shoes~steve madden

longest.week.ever! i'm not feeling very inspired by my wardrobe lately. i don't want to spend an entire post whining about the weather so here it is....winter, we are sooo over!! enough said.

there's nothing spectacular about this outfit except that i found these hudson jeans for the low, low at tj maxx a few months ago. i finally hemmed them so that they're wearable. i love green but i'm feeling a little leprechaun-ish in all this green. tonight it's a bottle of red and cuddling of the sofa with my honey. happy friday!!


  1. I feel you on the weather. I want nothing but to wear a sweatshirt 24/7. I haven't even had the motivation to go shopping. That being said, you look fantastic. Love the jeans and the green is SO not leprechaun ish at all. I'm falling in love with Anthropology more and more. So elegant.

  2. I think the green looks amazing!

    I'm not ready for summer, but it could be a touch warmer....

  3. that green is gorgeous. i always love your jewelry pics too.

  4. I totally feel you - this winter thing has gone on FAR too long. Nonetheless, you look so great here. What an AMAZING color for your skin tone! It just pops. Gorgeous.

  5. Oh, I love this outfit. The blouse and the cardi and the jeans are fantastic together -- the blouse is a little bohemian, so it's not leprechaun-y at all ;)

  6. I LOVE that shirt. Is it still available? If not, do you remember what it was called? Thanks!

  7. Em- the shirt is a year or two old. i'll try to see if i can dig up the name for you:)