Thursday, February 25, 2010


wide leg jeans~target
red blouse~wal-mart
you can take the girl out of prep school but you can't take prep school out of the girl! my entire k-12 experience took place at a private, catholic school and the blame for my attraction for all things plaid and/or preppy rests solely on their shoulders. i saw this sweater on the f21 website and i knew i had to order it in all of it's crested, cable knit glory:) i have a feeling it will become a wardrobe fave. my initial plan was to pair it with a striped oxford shirt, but that didn't happen because i was running late and i didn't feel like ironing. i think that the red adds a nice pop or color against the ivory sweater. i've been wearing this jeans a lot more lately. i think i'm officially over the skinny jean trend. i love the fact that i can wear these all day and not feel like i'm suffocating.

i'm feeling guilty for over indulging last night, especially when my first fitting is monday! this afternoon i have 45 minutes scheduled with my trainer and then i think i may have to add some extra cardio:( i. hate. cardio! i have nothing exciting planned today. i'm hoping i get to bed early and get some much needed sleep! happy almost friday:)


  1. So. freakin. adorable.

    That rope belt with that cardi is preppy heaven.