Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a brief update

we have been buried in snow, not as much as those of you in the northeast, but enough to shut down schools and keep me home from work for a few days. the kids are getting restless and i am bored to tears but i have vowed to leave the house tomorrow! since i've been lounging around the house in sweats and my favorite old sweater(which i should have thrown out years ago but i can't manage to part with it) i've also been totally slacking on working out:( not good since my first fitting is on march 1! i've tried not to blab on and on about wedding details because i'm not sure if any of you want to know any of the details. i do have a dress which is super exciting and i loooove it!! but if you're interested in the plans i'd be happy to share.

anyway, i promise i'll be back tomorrow:) have a lovely evening!


  1. I for one would LOVE to hear about your wedding dress plans, please share :) Good luck braving the snow tomorrow!

  2. Go ahead and share, this is your moment to shine lady!!

  3. Don't get cabin fever! Haha.

    I can't wait to hear more about the wedding plans!

  4. i want to know more about the wedding. and the DRESS!!