Thursday, February 11, 2010

mellow yellow

sweater dress~anthropologie
leopard belt~rodarte for target
gold ballet pumps~bebe
tan fishnets~target
i was determined to get shower, get dressed, dig my way out of the snow and become part of the human race again!

it was freezing but at least the sun was out. at least that was what i kept telling myself as i was freezing my face pumping gas this morning. oh to go back to more civilized times where you pulled into a gas station and a nice attendant came out pumped your gas, checked your oil and washed your windows. i don't remember those times but i've been told they were fabulous;) i feel kind of like a proper lady in this outfit. this dress manages to make me look put together while being extremely comfortable. the leopard belt gives it a little sass and the grey cardigan is a more interesting neutral than black or brown(which would have a little too matchy matchy for me). these sweet little metallic "ballet" pumps were my favorite neutral shoe until my beloved nude steve maddens stole their thunder...ha! i think they were outrageously priced to begin with but somehow i managed to get them on sale. this morning my dad told me i liked pretty(thanks dad!). no matter how old i get that always makes me smile.

i'm off to work out and then it's project runway for me! have a lovely evening:)


  1. I love the grey/yellow combo. You look very sophisticated, but with a touch of edge due to that belt. I am loving that belt!

  2. I love the combo as well and I love the belt. The fact that it has a tiny bow is so cute!

    I remember the days of gas attendants. I tell you, I refuse to pump my own gas. I will drive around until I find one. Usually the gas is more expensive, but I hate that gas smell I always seem to get on my clothes!

  3. jenny~i felt a little like my mom in that outfit(in a good way)and even at 76 she's sophisticated with an edge:)

    moni~the bow is what sold me on the belt.
    we have a few gas stations that have attendants that pump for you but none of them are near me..bummer:(

  4. oh my! i love this! sass indeed. love how you put the touch of leopard with the gray and gold.