Wednesday, February 24, 2010

dance, dance

i'm not sure why the search for the first dance song has become so complicated. if we had a song that was "our song" it would be so much easier! we like different kinds of music and so far we haven't been able to meet in the middle. these are our two newest contenders. my pick(and girl crush)adele. this song literally brings tears to my eyes. it's her interpretation of a dylan song, which may be the only reason he's considering it.

his pick, jamie cullum. we both like him and we saw him in concert when we first starting dating. i love his take on this song but i love the adele song more. what so you think?


  1. I can't resist Adele's version of that country song. It is just so beautiful. I've always loved the song, but I'm not a fan of country music. It is just perfect.

  2. Both are very nice, it was hard to pick , but in the end I will choose the first one, there is so much emotion in the song. Good luck.

  3. man, they are both great. different. i guess it sort of depends the vibe you want. soulful or jazzy. i really like them both.