Wednesday, February 24, 2010

walking on stilts

cardigan~ the gap
tights~old navy
shoes~jessica simpson~baker's

hello!!!i've missed blogging! my real life has been so busy. when i get home i can't wait to jump into my pajamas. i finally invested in a nicer camera and i'm loving how great these photos turned out.
i've been dying to wear these shoes even though they're kind of ridiculous. it's kind of like walking on stilts and i prayed most of the day that i wouldn't fall off my platform and break my neck. can you imagine...death by platform, quelle horreur! despite their ridiculousness i'm kind of in love with them:)
the weeks have been hectic and drama filled but one of my best friends is in town and we had a lovely dinner that included buffalo chicken egg rolls, a bottle of sparkling rose and lots of catching up. it was exactly what the doctor ordered. happy wednesday!


  1. WOW!! That's what those shoes make me say.
    I love this outfit and have missed your OOTDs!! Glad you're back and had good times with your friend. Aren't those the best?!

  2. kjrsten~thanks:)

    dea~that's exactly what my son said:D

  3. oooooo, love the dark tights with those hot heels