Tuesday, February 2, 2010

let's (first) dance!

wow, i've missed blogging! things lately are pretty hectic and yesterday was the 90 day mark!! we finally have all of the big things figured out.

ceremony venue~check
reception venue~check

of course now the fun(or madness depending on your point of view)begins...the details. i'm sure we should be following a plan or checklist that has some order to it but that's not how we roll. instead, we've been thinking about our first dance. initially i wanted something fun and upbeat to dance to, but i'm now thinking i may be somewhat emotional and it could be good to stand and sway. anyway here our are top first dance contenders.

michael buble and sharon jones "baby you got what it takes"

ray lamontagne "shelter"

i guess we need to decide if we want to be sweet or sassy:)


  1. I vote on Ray. I heart his music!

  2. jenny, i'm leaning towards ray. he is so soulful and this song nearly moves me to tears every time i hear it!

  3. i love ray. i love "trouble". he didn't look like what i expected. not sure what i expected though.