Monday, February 14, 2011

i heart you

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Last week a really good opportunity fell into my lap. For the last year I've been wondering if the florist thing was really what I wanted to do. I have a way of romanticizing things without giving any thought to what is really involved in doing the job. Yes, I love creating and I love flowers but is the day to day something I can deal with? Last week I got a job with a florist! It's not the dream job...yet, but it is a great way to get some practical experience. It's not with the floral designer that I loooove(and if she ever had a position open up I'd take it in a heartbeat!) Here's the thing working at a florist the week before Valentine's Day...insaaaane!! Waking up at 5 to work out, a 45 min commute, long days spent mostly on my feet and I really like it:) 

So, there was no time for blog reading and posting. I missed it so much! I also spent all week in jeans and t shirts. But, today is Valentine's Day!! How could I not put on a little somethin' pretty today?
When I saw this dress in Small Earth vintage on etsy I was smitten! Hearts and a vibrant color palette? Yes please! I was determined to wear my Dorothy Christmas shoes. It's been so cold and there's been soooo much snow that I had no choice but to tuck these lovelies away in the box -so sad, no? But today is Valentine's Day and I'll sparkle if I want to!

We don't really do much in terms of celebrating but who needs candy hearts and cliche roses when I get to come home everyday look into those baby blues, kiss, cuddle, plan our future, whisper sweet nothings, make dinners, laugh, hold hands and grow old together....

I Love You, Ace

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