Monday, October 3, 2011

honey mustard

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Nothin' like a Monday to b***h slap you back to reality! Yesterday I had a lovely day at home with the husband. I even made the best caramel apple pie...ever!!! Which we totally ate as dinner-because I was too exhausted from baking to figure out the rest of dinner..oops;)

But today, my friends, I have the Monday-itchy, burning, watery-eyed, my allergies are killing me- blues!! My son had a doctor's appointment and I had to make a grocery run so not getting dressed wasn't an option. I started out with an entirely different look in mind but nothing was coming together. In times like this I rely on some old favorites. A comfy cardigan, cords and my favorite flat shoes.

Now it's time for a cup of tea and my allergy meds!

And a little bit of cute so this post isn't so Debbie Downer........ 

Hubby closed the pool today(boo!!!) Here's Henry relaxing on the pool cover:)

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