Friday, November 4, 2011

Mission(i) Accomplished

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Hello November! When did you show up? Why is it that the older you get the faster time flies!?
  And do you know what isn't helpful? Going to Starbucks and seeing the red Christmas cups...on November 1. 
The nerve! 
But then I had my very first peppermint mocha and all was forgiven;)

 I have to admit that I didn't really get all fuss over the Missoni for Target collection. I guess I'm not a Missoni fan. But as I was strolling to the checkout line I noticed this skirt hanging alone and it was on sale. While I'm still not gaga for Missoni, I liked the colors and the price! It's a size large but it has a drawstring waistband and the I have belts, so problem solved. 

This weekend Art in Bloom is going on at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Florists and floral enthusiast are able to pick a work of art and make an arrangement inspired by the piece.
 This is my arrangement in the kitchen

And here it is in front of the inspiration painting
Frans Hals "Portrait of a Dutch Family"

I really love they look next to each other.
If your local check it out, there are some amazing arrangements!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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