Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hello Lurverrr!!!!

I'm not sure why my hand looks so freaky. I promise I do have thumb.

I will openly admit that I am huge fan of Tori and Dean's Home Sweet Hollywood. D and I watch the show together every week. In fact my daughters and D have all told me that I remind them of Tori Spelling in a lot of ways(and I'm pretty sure that I should find this comparisona lot more insulting than I do). But, I find her charming, goofy and ultimately likeable. This long rambling backstory brings me to my newest acquistion and love. One night fueled by insomnia and boredom, I decided to check out Tori's collection on HSN. Tori sells a line of jewelry on the Home Shopping Network. Since it is a channel I usually equate with old ladies and doll collecting, I was curious to see what the her line would look like.

The TS collection has lots of cute pieces for pretty reasonable prices but I didn't find anything that I was dying to buy(sorry Tori). However, I did start looking at some of the other collections. Some of them are exactly what you might expect from a home shopping network(gaudy-party of one!) but then I found the Heidi Daus collection and this little gem. Hello Luv!!!! I've been dying for a critter ring since Rachel bought that serpent ring on the Rachel Zoe Project. I'm not much into snakes but I do love critters-birds, bees, ladybugs and frogs. This was perfect. I liked it in the picture but I adore it in person. It has the perfect amount of sparkle and is so flippin' cute. There was also a ladybug ring but it was sold out. So...I signed up for an email alert so they'll alert me the next time they show her jewelry. I'm determined to have the ladybug ring. Good grief..I'm an HSN shopper!Does this officially make me an old lady?

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