Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Last night my mom had a party to celebrate her 75th birthday. I have a somewhat complicated relationship with her. I love her but sometimes I think there is a whole lot of crazy packed inside her tiny little body. What I realized last night was that even though she drives me batshit crazy I really love her. There are things that happened between us while I as growing that I'm struggling to let go. But, I realize that, just like me, she did the best she could. I think sometimes we forget that moms, our moms in particular, are just people with their own sets of challenges that they were dealing with long before we came into the picture. She loves me and she adores her grandchildren. Mom you are FIERCE in every sense of the word and I love you. Happy Birthday!!
Photos: My mom, Frances and some of her fabulous friends; My mom and her giant flower pin and pink champagne;D and I; my mom and I


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  2. OMG! Your mother is GORGEOUS! She reminds me of one of Whitley Gilbert's relatives on A Different World. Look at her working that flower and white dress. I luvs it so.

    You look GREAT TOO! Your entire family is SUGAR SHARP! LUVS IT!!!!

    (I had to edit the original post.)

  3. high school my nickname was whitley! one day i hope to grow up to be just like my mom:)