Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What I'm Wearing

Cami- Express


Shoes-Kate Spade


My closet redo(I will be posting before and after pics) has me remixing again today. I prefer pretty to sexy on most days, but there is something about an animal print that screams sexy. This skirt is at least ten years old and I didn't even think I could still fit into it-thank you weight watchers. I used to wear it with knee high boots and a black turtleneck. I tried to soften it up a little by adding the pink cami. Six years ago, I wondered into the shoe department in suburban wasteland and discovered that they now carried Kate Spade! This pair was my inaugural Kate Spade purchase. I also bought them in all black. I think the more conservative shoe with the pink cami makes this outfit a little sweet instead of full on sexpot.
*sorry about the weird and headless pics-my camera died before I could retake them*

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