Thursday, September 24, 2009

pink is the color of romance

floral babydoll dress~thrifted
footless tights~target
jean jacket~bebe
gladiator sandals~charles david

i went through a "pink" phase a while back. i confess i wore lots and lots of pink. i still love the color pink but i've tried to wear it more sparingly now because i feel like it can look a little juvenile. i don't usually have that much luck thrifting but on an outing with my mom a few years ago i found this adorable baby doll dress. for a fleeting second i thought it may be too cutesy, even for me, but for $7 i couldn't leave it behind. in the past i've styled this in a much more conservative way but i was feeling a little funky this morning so i thought i'd try something different. i'm really loving the look of footless tights these days. i think it is unexpected, especially when paired with this dress. pearls are classic and once again add a little balance to the shoes and the jean jacket. when i came downstairs this morning d told me i looked pretty which was kind of unexpected because i thought he'd hate the tights, so i'm going to file this one in the win column.

"pink is the color of romance and a friend tells me that the girl with the pink dress at the party is the one selected for each dance"

alfred carl hottes

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  1. I went through a pink phase too. Fortunately I was able to phase it out even though it's still my favorite color. Really liking this outfit and I'm so glad you are not afraid of bright tights because they look great on you!