Tuesday, September 29, 2009


pencil skirt~victoria's secret
wrap blouse~anthropologie

mondays..ick! try as i might to be optimistic i hate them. i wasn't going to post because i didn't really feel like myself yesterday. i think that comes through in how i looked or maybe it was just how i was feeling about myself. sometimes you can try to hard and come across forced. i never want to do that. on most days i strive to look like "me" -quirky with a dash of style and a hint of trendy. i'll take not looking like a "hot ass mess" as the kids would say. i don't know i guess this rambling post is to say i felt a little off yesterday and wasn't going to post the pics because i feel like you can tell i'm not really comfortable in my own skin. i decided to post in an effort to be honest with myself more than anything else.

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  1. Those hot pink shoes are the perfect fix for an icky Monday!