Wednesday, September 16, 2009

...there is invariably something odd about women who wear ankle socks

blouse~beaming flora blouse anthro
i was so thrilled to see the ankle sock make a comeback in the jcrew catalog. although many may find that this not exactly the most wearable trend but i was willing to give it a try. i also came across the the lovely katy and her blog, kansas couture(which is fantastic and you should go check it out right now if you haven't), and she has a post where another blogger requested that she give this look a whirl. she created her own interpretation of a jcrew/socks with jeans outfit. well, this is my attempt to recreate the look.
yesterday, i was killing time(and my budget) in anthropologie and i discovered several things i'd been watching were now on sale! i tried this blouse on when it first hit anthro earlier in the summer and completely dismissed it because i didn't think the fit was very flattering. i think i must have tried on the wrong size because when i put this on yesterday i loved it. i was thinking of pairing it with a jacket but it supposed to warm up here today and i thought i would be too hot. i bought these shoes from bebe a few years ago. have you noticed that i have an obsession with metallics, especially when they have that sort of crackled and aged finish. this outfit may be a little casual for work but since i'm only in the office for a few hours today i wasn't too concerned. i'm not sure it's a look that everyone will like but i think it's kind of cute.
"one of the few things i have learned in life is that there is invariably something odd about women wear ankle socks"
alan bennett
the old country act 1

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  1. I love the socks and shoes look! Ironically, my post for tomorrow includes the exact same trend. Although I think you pull it off better than I did :)