Monday, September 14, 2009


saturday morning we went to our local farmer's market where we met a lovely girl that lives on a farm and grows acres and acres of lavender. i was instantly jealous and then instantly hated myself for being jealous because she was such a lovely person.

my oldest daughter had her first audition for a school play. she got the role of a fairy in the bard's a midsummer nights dream. i am so excited for her and proud of her.

i met up with some friends form high school. it was really fun and made me feel like i was sixteen all over again but in the best possible way. i also developed a small and harmless crush on a few of the guys that were there. they reaffirmed my notion that good guys outnumber the assholes you just have to know where to look. they also explained fantasy football to me in way that i completely understand.

despite the fact that i am now photographing myself nearly everyday i'm still not pleased with the way i look but i have resolved to get over this.

kanye west is a douche-nozzle! what kind of grown ass man jumps up onstage and humiliates a teenager? this may become a case of "love the sinner hate the sin" or in his case love the music but hate the d-bag.


  1. I had to get over hating all of my pictures too. And it has totally paid off! I can't wait to see all of yours.

    And that's so exciting for your daughter! That is such a wonderful experience.

    And Kanye? I just can't grasp how a grown man justifies doing something so incredibly rude to a young girl in front of millions of live viewers. It just makes me sick.

  2. christen thanks for encouragement! i love your blog and your great sense of syle.