Sunday, September 27, 2009

weekend fun

boyfriend jeans: express
faux leather jacket/booties:f21

why does it seem like the weekend is never long enough? this weekend i did the usual-cooking, groceries, and laundry-as well as hang out with my daughters for a bit. sunday we hit the mall before heading to the movies, and i may have gone a little bit crazy with the shopping. i'll have some great things to show in the next few weeks from my shopping binge. for this outing i wore my favorite boyfriend jeans. i love this trend but knew i didn't want to spend a ton of money on it. i found the perfect pair at express. they were ridiculously cheap. these are the jeans i change into practically every night when we take henry out for his walk. i paired them with a tissue thin white hoodie under an express polo. the finishing touch is my faux leather motorcycle jacket and peep toe bootie from f21. my daughters thought i looked okay so they let me leave the house with them:)

we went to see a matinee showing of the new fame. i am not a fan of remakes, especially when the original was so good. i remember watching the movie and the television show and thinking that i could become a singer or dancer(until i realized that i possessed none the required talent to realize this dream). the new movie was very light on plot and character back story. i enjoyed the singing and dancing. it did remind for a split second what it was like to be that young when everyday was filled with possibility. i did have a great time bonding with my girls. they will be gone for college soon so i'm really treasuring the time we have left. i even let my oldest drive home!

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