Thursday, September 17, 2009

if your heart is a volcano...

top~blustery bouquet blouse~anthro
jeans~ almost famous~tj maxx

ughhh... allergy season is a bitch! i really wanted to be more creative this morning but between the benydryl induced haze of last night and the sneezey/itchy/watery eyes of this morning, i wanted to be comfortable more than anything else. these jeans are my favorite because they are long enough for heels but not so long that i have to wear my highest heels to wear them. this top was one of my birthday gifts. i think a top with polka dots and hearts could have been a little to precious but because the pattern is a little abstract it works. the neckline is super flattering as well. i love this necklace. it reminds me of those plastic link necklaces in jr. high that you added all of the crazy charms..i wonder if i could still find one of those on ebay?
"if your heart is a volcano, how shall you expect flowers to bloom?"
~kahil gibran

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