Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What I'm Wearing

Cardigan-The Gap
Blouse-The Gap
Shoes-Jessica Simpson peep toes-even though you can't see them

yesterday's blah gave way to a glorious today. as a kid I can clearly remember my mom dressing up to take me everywhere. we had matching outfits that we wore for some of these occasions. anyway, today i have to take my son for a flu shot and a checkup and i can still hear my mom whispering"look nice. wear something other than jeans" in my ear.

i found this skirt a few weeks ago at f21. i loved the color and the pattern. the $13 price made it a "oh hell yeah" purchase. i think it will cheer up when paired with tights and a sweater when beautiful fall days turn to bitterly cold winter days. the blouse is about a million years old. funny what you find when you clean out the closet. the cardigan is a few years old from the gap. i have a thing for cable knit and plaid that must linger from my prep school days. my favorite thing about this outfit is the necklace, which i didn't even get a great shot of, from target. i don't know if it was from one of their designer jewelry collections but i love it.

*i really am working on taking better pictures*

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