Tuesday, September 29, 2009

...wearing stripes with plaid is easy

"once you can accept the universe as being something expanding into infinite nothing which is something, wearing stripes with plaid is easy"
~albert einstein
striped oxford shirt~f21
plaid skirt~thrifted
cardi~elle collection at kohl's
tights~old navy
belt~bebe(a million years old)
boots~nine west~tj maxx
today is one of those fall days i've been wishing for. the air is crisp, the sun is shining, and it's cool enough for layers. my twelve years of private school have made plaid a part of my dna(even though we only wore plaid skirts until eighth grade and then we had to wear these horrible grey polyester skirts). fall for me means plaid and lots of it. i found this cute little skirt at a thrift store. it was originally priced at $4 but everything was half off that day so, yes, i took it home for a whopping $2! the funny thing about this outfit is that i'd put these boots and this belt in a pile of stuff to give away. i bought these about four years and never really liked them at the time. i thought the boots were too flat and once i purchased another pair of brown boots these were relegated to back of closet. in an attempt to organize a few weeks ago put them in the give away bin. after reevaluating my closet i thought maybe i would give them another shot. they work perfectly with this skirt. and the belt, it has to be at least eight years old. i can't remember when the oversize belt buckle thing was the "it" accessory. i loved the colors of the stones in this belt and hung on to it forever. i was ready to throw it out but reconsidered. i think it gives a little twist to this pretty standard preppy look. i also tried to get some shots of my jewelry. you can see my cute owl necklace and the awesome knot bracelet from f21. this outfit needed a sweater or jacket. i couldn't really find what i was looking for so threw this cardigan on at the last minute. i love that color doesn't match perfectly and is a little off but i'm not really loving this sweater either. oh well, at least i'm warm today!
* i think my camera is on it's last leg. any suggestions? i would love a dslr but i'll take recommendations on a good little point and shoot.


  1. I love this look!!! Fabulous bracelet!

  2. I really like the boots - don't get rid of them!

    And the bracelet + watch combo is killer. It looks amazing!