Thursday, November 11, 2010

nothing special

details:dress and cardigan~anthropologie/shoes~jessica simpson

I think this extremely warm weather is messing with my head. I worked out all of these outfits featuring sweaters, tights and layers but because it's been about 70 degrees all week! This has left me struggling to find something...anything to wear. Getting dressed this morning was a struggle. Our bedroom looks like a tornado hit it. I must have tried on seven or eight different outfit combinations and nothing worked. I decided to go with what always works-a dress and a cardigan. It's nothing exciting but at least I managed to get dressed and leave the house. I've also learned after flats all week I'm struggling in these heels today.Boo! Thankfully cooler temps will be returning next week{yikes!!did i just say that!?}and I'm hoping my creativity returns with it.

My son came home from school today and announced he had a band performance...TONIGHT! Thanks for the heads up bud! Ugh...I hate these kinds of lat minute announcements that require me to shuffle the entire night's schedule. In other news, one of my best friends and I are headed to Memphis to visit another friend. I'm excited to have a girls weekend away but I'm dreading the whole packing thing! I swear I'm the world's worst packer. I'm so indecisive and tend to bring as much of my wardrobe as possible.  

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