Tuesday, November 9, 2010

heartbreak warfare

details:cropped blazer&pearl bib necklace~f21/concert tee/jeans~thrifted/shoes~seychelles

Welcome to Tuesday! The weather is gorgeous!! I'm trying to savor all of the sunshine while it lasts. That being said I was absolutely dragging this morning! I think I may need some kind of vitamin supplements. I have the hardest time starting the day even after I've had my morning coffee.

As a result this is a less than spectacular outfit post. This is an "I have to get out of bed but I really don't feel like getting dressed" outfit. I've been living in these jeans since I rediscovered them lurking in my closet. The baggy fit is perfect for days when the thought of squeezing into a pair of skinny jeans is unbearable. They also don't require that I wear super high heels(like my flares) so I can be pretty comfy in them all day. I'm not really a t shirt girl. I have some that I work out in and some very unattractive ones that I wear to bed but I generally don't buy tees{mostly because I have some mom jiggle that looks best with structured tops}. I do have this tee I got at the John Mayer concert went to this summer. {And, yes, I love John Mayer. I realize hipsters think he's lame and his behavior lately has rated four out of five stars on the Kanye West scale of a**hole-ry, but yeah I love him.} So it was this super soft concert tee and a cropped blazer because I am feeling so lazy and I'm not in the mood to wear clothes! I added the f21 pearl bib necklace to class it up a little:D

I took my son to get his flu shot today. He was complaining that his throat was sore. We get and the doc says he has strep:( Poor baby! He's happy because he gets to stay home until Thursday and he gets to put off his flu shot for another week. I'm off to check on my kid and figure out dinner. See you on the flip side:D

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