Thursday, July 15, 2010

viva la vie boheme!

boho top/ring~f21
ankle stretch toothpick skinnies~jcrew
shoes~steve madden
i feel like i'm channeling nicole ritchie in this outfit. she is on my celebrity bff list. we could meet up for coffee or herbal tea blends, talk about making baby food for sparrow and share clothes(if i shrunk myself to elfen size). rachel zoe, sjp and emma pillsbury are also on that list-and yes, i know technically emma isn't a real person but her closet is very real and i'm sure once she gets over her germaphobia we could totally share clothes:) anyway, i've always kind of liked nicole ritchie even when she was a hot mess following paris hilton across america. she has certainly dialed her style up a notch since those days. i love the her entire boho chic vibe. however, i'm a girl that needs structure in her clothes to help camouflage some trouble areas.
the boho thing doesn't always lend itself to crisp and structured garments. the color of the top and the somewhat heavier weight of the cotton help hide some of the jiggle especially after last nights dinner-lobster blt, truffle fries, beignets and a cocktail or two...yikes! i'm also in love with this ring from f21!! in real life bugs= ick but supersized and bejewelled...yes please:D
*and yes i will now sing la vie boheme from rent all day in my head :)


  1. I love this outfit! I too adore the boho chic vibe, even more so now that it's summer.
    And trouble areas? I don't see look lovely.


  2. Her and Sienna Miller have great fashion sense and if I could dress like them, I would. But I can't pull that off too well. It's just not me, although I love the look. You look so cute. Again, I'm just bewildered at the fact that you have three grown kids. You look so hot!

  3. Gosh I'm with you on the love for Nicole Richie. I'd love to be pretend best friends with her too. Except she's so tiny, I think I might constantly feel like a big lady standing next to her. Good thing this is pretend world!

    We can be friends instead, because you do look very Nicole Richie inspired in this outfit! And apparently my fantasy friendship with real Nicole was never going to work out anyways.

  4. Super the hair too!

  5. i really like nicole richie, too! maybe we could all be bff. :) loving boho on you!