Monday, July 12, 2010

eat your veggies

dress~anthro(very old)
hat~eugenia kim for target
happy monday!! how was your weekend? we had a great and relaxing one. saturday night i managed to get ten hours of sleep which is completely unusual for me(i average about 5). i woke up sunday morning feeling so well rested! i baked a strawberry rhubarb pie that was sooo good and we took the kids to see despicable me(which we all loved). we don't get to do that many things togehter as a family anymore since the girls have work and other social things that beat spending the afternoon with your mom and stepdad so it was really nice to spend some time together-they even sat next to us:D
this morning i decided to wear one of my all time favorite dresses. this is the dress that started my love affair with whimsical prints. i loved the cut but wasn't really sure about the print. it's covered in radishes! it never fails that every single time i wear this dress i get a million compliments on it. today i paired it with a pair of my favorite shoes. i'm not sure why these haven't made it on the blog before. red and white gingham print is one of my favorites. the hat is a must because i really didn't want to deal with my hair this morning! i think the hat keeps it from looking to cutesy/country. and i just noticed that i missed my 200th post milestone:( i think i should have a cupcake to celebrate!


  1. Congrats on your 200th post! Only one cupcake? Maybe have a couple! :) I think that dress is so cute. Radishes? Ha! I love them. My mom used to eat them with this bean sauce so they always bring back old memories.

  2. Beautiful! I am now obsessed with your radish dress, which is indeed amazing. And a belated congratulations to you on 200 posts!! :)

  3. As a rabid radish eater, I love your dress. The print is fantastic!

    And happy 200th post!