Friday, July 2, 2010

mom, baseball & apple pie

denim shirt~wal-mart
meringue cuff~anthro
shoes~steve madden
happy friday!!! i am so ready for the long weekend. i can't wait to relax with friends eating, drinking, swimming....and eating again:)
this outfit feels quintessentially american to me-just like mom, baseball, and apple pie. a full airy skirt, a denim work shirt and ladylike pumps.
i love this dress. i'd forgotten it was hidden in basement storage. doug and i had been dating a little over five months when our first valentine's day came up. i'm not a girl that likes valentine's day. it's sort of like new year's eve-it's always better in theory than in reality. anyway, he knows how much i love the ballet and that first year together he got us tickets to see romeo and juliet at the cincinnati ballet. i wanted something special to wear that was soft and romantic. i found this dress on ebay and fell in love. it was perfect. he even brought me a gardenia to tuck into my hair...swoon! i have never had a more perfect evening.
to make it a little more daytime appropriate i paired it with this miley cyrus(the shame!) denim shirt. i belted it with this wide belt from f21 and folded the hem under. the only accessory is my fantastic anthro meringue cuff. have a wonderful fourth of july weekend!!


  1. very cute! looks like a fun and full skirt this way.

  2. I just adore your style! You have just inspired me so much through your blog. You look like you are having so much fun in this outfit :) I always love finding older clothes that I've forgotten about and reworking it with the new things in my closet!

  3. Gorgeous! And I love the story about the ballet...