Wednesday, July 14, 2010

cheer up buttercup

hello all:) how's your week going? i'm hoping the day flies by because i'm meeting one of my girlfriends for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. because the kids are are growing up and have their own schedules and commitments i have a lot more free time. it makes me a little bit sad and nostalgic. i became a mom at eighteen which means i've been a mother for more of my life than i haven't been. how crazy is that? i have always had other things to occupy my time and brain outside of being a mother but being less needed(and often times less appreciated)has put me in a strange fame of mind lately. because i'd always identified myself as something other than "mom" i didn't think i would be as bothered by the fact that my kids will be out of the house sooner rather than later. i guees the joke is on me because i'm having a really hard time with it. i'm sure i'll deal...i always do.
despite my emo rant above, i'm very excited to go out to dinner tonight:) a good mood deserves a happy dress...right? i knew the humidity was coming back today and i really stood in front of the closet for longer than i should have trying to figure out what to wear. nothing seemed right! i bought this dress a while back to wear on my honeymoon. it didn't make it into the suitcase. the first time i wore it i was at loss as to how to style it. i love the print, the fabric and the colors but i wasn't wowed by how it looked on me. today as i added the cardigan it dawned on me that it looked much better on my body as a skirt than a dress. i buttoned it and belted it and i'm much happier with the result. i added the necklace at the last minute to keep it from looking too boring. i finally gave the steve madden's a rest and went with these gold wedges from aldo.


  1. Courtnee, you look so lovely and I adore this dress on you!! I agree, the top looks a bit funny with the Madonna cups and all! I love how well it goes with the cardi, belted. Have a lovely time with your friend and enjoy the freedom!!

  2. Awww, so beautiful! I usually wear a cardi over this dress too, the bodice is a little...well, a little something. I think dea put it best :)

  3. ha! it does have a very madonna-esque bodice:)