Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a little anthropologie on the wedding day

we got all of our wedding pictures from the photographer two weeks. i'm obsessed with them! i won't hold you hostage and make you look at every single one of them:) but, i was wearing a bit of anthropologie on my wedding day.

as soon as i saw the meringue cuff i knew i wanted to wear it on the big day. it was expensive and i couldn't really justify the price. i stalked it non stop, prayed to the anthro gods for a little bit of a break and it finally went on sale! it's fairly obvious that i am a lover of the cardigan sweater. i wanted to change up the look of my dress a little bit for the reception. blue was one of our wedding colors and i searched for the perfect blue cardigan. i was having absolutely no luck and at that point i would have just settled on finding a sweater that i loved that looked good with the dress. anthropologie rescued me again. i found the curling posies cardi(now on sale). the shade of blue was a little off but it ended up being the perfect little cardigan to keep away the chill that evening.

*this is one of the least flattering pictures but it's a fantastic shot of the bracelet and cardigan together

i'm really happy that i decided to go with non bridal accessories. i've been able to remix all of my wedding day accessories(shoes,jewelry and cardigan) into everyday outfits over the past few months and it makes me ridiculously happy when i look down and see the shoes i wore to the wedding or my fantastic anthro cuff. a little bit of anthro helped me feel more like myself on our wedding day:)


  1. hi there! i'm new to your blog. i think i found you through weardrobe? anyway, i dig your style so much! so excited to tune in every day. :)

    beautiful wedding photos!

  2. awww you looked absolutely beautiful! and i love the sweater and bracelet!


  3. paige~thanks for stopping by:) i saw you on weardrobe and have been following your blog since. i love your style!

    l~thanks for the sweet words:)

  4. all of your wedding photographs are absolutely amazing.

    i so love the sweater over your dress. it's totally unexpected and chic!

  5. You look *gorgeous*. Truly! And I remember you debating the Curling Posies and Meringue Cuff as potential wedding dress accessories, and I am glad they made the cut, they accent your dress so perfectly :)