Friday, July 23, 2010


shoes~jeffrey campbell

tgif!!! does anyone else think this has been the longest week ever? i'm happy to see the weekend even though it means the major closet overhaul i've been putting off has finally arrived. i've given myself most of tomorrow to get it done but i have a funny feeling that it's going to take me the entire weekend-yikes!

tomorrow night we're going to a party for one of doug's work colleagues. of course he doesn't know the dress code. i usually like to wear skirts or dresses and err on the side of being overdressed. last night when i asked him what he thought i should wear he answered "the bicycle dress" which is the famous anthro two wheeler dress. i don't really think of that as a "party" dress mostly because i typically wear it during the day. i would prefer to wear something more festive but i'm drawing a complete blank. when you go out with your hubby/boyfriend/partner do you dress for him or for yourself? is it an old fashioned notion to wear something your sweetie loves to see you wear?

i've been hearing that jcrew pencil skirts are amazing. i tend to wear fuller skirts but since this one was marked down with an additional percentage off(i believe it was an additional 40% in stores but i could be wrong) so i took a chance with this one. i love the vibrant colors and the watercolor like floral pattern. i think i've had a taste of the jcrew pencil skirt kool aid and i like it! the fabric is heavy enough that it should work nicely in the fall with tights. i wore my fab wedding shoes to continue the sparkly shoe trend i started yesterday. have a lovely weekend:D


  1. J.Crew pencil skirts are my favorite. I think I have three of them and want more! I saw that blouse last week at F21 but didn't have my size. BOO!

  2. This is great! That skirt is so pretty, I love the pink and green floral. Love it with the belt and the shirt tucked in, too.

  3. cindi~i'm almost ashamed to admit that as soon as i got this one home and started pairing it with things in the closet i immediately ordered another one:o

    jcrew pencil skirts, if lovin you is wrong i don't wanna be right:)

    i totally stumbled across this top while buying stuff for my girls for back to school. f21 has been a crapshoot for me lately.

  4. thanks melissa:)
    i know this shirt is supposed to be a tunic but it doesn't look great on me. tucking it in made a huge difference.

  5. Love the skirt on you! And I dress for myself only, but expect my hubs to wear what I like to see him in...funny, eh? And I agree with you: Wear a dress that can't be worn during the day!

  6. olivia~
    ha! i always expect him to wear what i like:p
    i'm thinking i'll wear something a little longer with a full skirt which he likes but glam it up a bit which i like:)

  7. This outfit is amazing -- so lovely and dainty. I love the combination of the structured pencil shape with the lightness of the ruffles.

    My BF likes most of what I wear, but there are a few things that I wear more frequently because I know he likes them. Case in point: espadrilles. I like them, but he prefers them over any other shoe -- even over my highest heels!

  8. beautiful outfit and HOT shoes!


  9. Pencil skirts definitely agree with you. I have a few Jcrew pencil skirts too and I absolutely love them!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog, and I think your's is fantastic. You have such elegant style! I'm going to try to replicate you black checked shirt and green full skirt look soon! :)

  10. the colors and fit in the skirt are amazing! you look gorgeous!

    when i go out with my husband i tend to dress for myself. it's one the of the only times i ever dress up and if i asked him he would probably suggest i wear a tshirt and jeans. ha!