Friday, July 16, 2010

feel good friday

dress~catmint dress~anthropologie(currently on sale)
flower pin~ gap
happy friday!!! is anyone else happy to see the weekend finally get here? we have a busy weekend planned but at least i'll get to sleep in a bit. i'm debating if we should go see that new leo dicaprio movie. it looks a little trippy and lately i haven't had much of an attention span.

it is still a million degrees here(like much of the country)! come on mother nature, cut us a little slack. i spotted this dress on anthro's website and loved the pattern.when it finally made it into my store i was kind of disappointed that the fabric is kind of gauzey, linen like cotton. i didn't think it was worth full price but i kept it on the wishlist anyway. when it went on sale i decided to get it. the breezy light weight cotton is perfect for a hot and humid day like today. i almost forgot that i had these kenzie shoes until i saw them in the other color on kim at anthroholic. i added the skinny yellow belt to make it less boring. have a lovely weekend:)

and because i'm feelin good, a little music:)


  1. Ooh I love your outfit today. Do you go to work dressed up all nice like that too? I sometimes feel really overdressed here. Hehehe. Oh yeah, love those shoes.

    It's 70's here and perfect. I wish I could send some breezy weather over to you.

  2. Cindi~in my head i'm with you and enjoying your perfect and breezy weather:)

    i work for my dad and most of the time i'm in my office and i don't really interact with anyone except my co workers so i can pretty much wear whatever i want(one of the few perks:0) sometimes dressing up is the only thing that makes my job bearable-well i get to see my dad everyday so that's a plus too!

  3. I love those shoes, Courtnee. So beautiful! I'll have to keep an eye out for Kensie shoes for sale on Ebay.

    I'm a recent follower, and relatively new to blogging. Please feel free to check out blog at

  4. I gasped when I saw your shoes, and thought "hey, those are my shoes but in brown" Glad I helped you remember you had them! I love the brown and wish I had bought them! They look amazing with the Catmint Dress!