Wednesday, July 7, 2010

beating the heat

i was sort of intrigued by this dress when i first saw it hanging in anthropologie. i really liked it but worried that all of the fabric would overwhelm me. when i saw it on kjrsten at {have a cute day} i immediately kicked myself for not getting it. when it went on sale i couldn't find it online and i thought i missed out. of course when i stopped in the local store they had two left!!

dress/floral pin~anthropologie
shoes~steve madden

the dress came with a sash but i think the belt gives my waist a little more definition. i added the black floral pin at the last minute. you can see from it's various locations from picture to picture i wasn't really sure where to put it. i ended up leaving it clipped to my belt. the heat is down right oppressive but the dress is made from such light weight, soft cotton that i'm staying fairly cool.

we are bringing my dad home today. thank you so much for all of your thoughts and prayers. they have him on medication, he will work with a physical therapist to get back some of the strength on his left side, and follow up with his doctor at the end of the week. we are all exhausted but so happy to have him back at home.


  1. When I saw that dress at the stores, I thought, "Who in the world could ever make that dress look good?" And the answer was you. I love the black pin you put on it to make it pop.

  2. Love the flower pin with the dress.

  3. That looks AWESOME on you!!!!

  4. You look so pretty Courtnee and really brought that dress to life.

  5. cindi~when i saw it the first time i thought "what were they thinking?!" then it started to grow on me a little:)

    olivia~ i added the pin at the last minute and i'm glad i did. i think it gives the dress a little extra pop


    dea~ you are too sweet! thank you:)

  6. You look gorgeous in it! I was like Cindi, thinking who could actually wear it and pull it off? But you definitely do so in great style!

  7. You look amazing in this dress, Courtnee!

  8. Like the others, I also thought this dress would look awwwwful in real life. But you and Kjrsten totally give it just the right boho-hippie-cool vibe, and it looks awesome on you!