Thursday, July 29, 2010

afternoon tea

details:sugar&cream dress~anthropologie/field game cardigan~anthro/shoes~charles david/bag~jcrew

i noticed that i have a few new followers and several new comenters...yay!! thanks for stopping by and taking a look. i absolutely appreciate it.

i totally blew my shopping budget for the month by buying this dress at full price when i promised myself i was going to wait for it to go on sale. craptacular day+low blood sugar=very bad things for my bank account...oy! i tried to convince myself that i hated and it was a little too precious but as soon as i tried it on i knew it was going home with me. i think the sandals give it a little bit of an edge. i like the tough shoe paired with the softness of this dress. and seriously, i can't believe i almost didn't buy this cardigan. it goes with practically everything i own-or at least that's what i keep telling myself when i pair it with just about everything in my closet.

i don't usually photograph my bags with my outfits(because i look awkward). i used to change bags a few times a week but lately i've been buying nicer bags and carrying them for months at a time. i love this jcrew bag i just bought. it was on sale and they were offering another 30% off final sale items. it's a beautiful pale lilac color. the stud detail toughens it up.

is anyone else excited about the premiere of project runway tonight?


  1. not a TV fan, but i am a big fan of your outfit! especially the shoes.

  2. Aww you look so cute in that dress. I think out of everyone who's tried this on, you definitely pulled it off. I would have never thought to pair it with the field game, but it works. Nice!
    I don't follow project runway anymore now that it's on TLC...but I saw a commercial and it looks really intense. Hopefully they will "make it work"!! :)

  3. Another new commenter! Just wanted to say that I love the dress on you! And I am so psyched about Project Runway! My dvr is set!

  4. I love how you put things together! And yes, I too am excited about Project Runway and so is the husband. :)

  5. This outfit is fantastic. I am so envious of you getting the Sugar & Cream Dress! You've accessorized it beautifully, especially with that beautiful bag :)

  6. What a fun print! Love it love it love it!